Adriana Pérez Fortis
Scientific coordinator CBI


Boosting education on healthcare systems comparison

The European Medical School is a good model and example of the long lasting collaboration between the UG and UOL in terms of education, mainly at the bachelor level. From the CBI the idea is to strengthen this existing cooperation focusing mainly at the postgraduate level. The idea is to combine the expertise on different, but complementary topics (public health and health services research) and the knowledge of two different healthcare systems in order to provide a comprehensive training to the master and PhD students which will be enrolled in cross-border projects.


- Joint summer schools (e.g. on data-driven policy in public health),

- Joint PhD courses including cross-border cases and workshops on cultural and language differences for cross-border PhD students.

In the future...

- Collaboration between the CPE Track Health Systems and Prevention in Groningen and the master Health Services Research (Versorgungsforschung) in Oldenburg.

- Creation of a research track within the medical curriculum focused on examining healthcare systems at border regions.



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