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Setting up the infrastructure for the creation of multidisciplinary cross-border healthcare research.

The main idea is to stimulate the creation of cross-border consortia, so that different cross-border healthcare research initiatives can be developed. The approach of the CBI to deal with the current cross-border healthcare challenges (e.g. hindrance of the full implementation of the directive 2011/24/EU, sustainability of health systems in facing coronavirus pandemic), takes research on healthcare systems differences as it cornerstone. The CBI will be focused on promoting and coordinating cross-border healthcare research projects aimed at comparing the structure, process, organization, legislation and outcomes of the healthcare system at each side of the northern Dutch-German border. Ideally, the CBI would have to become a leader entity of interdisciplinary cross-border healthcare research in the north, building on previous experiences.

Specific objectives

  • Set the research agenda involving the different stakeholders at both sides of the region and the scientific council.
  • Compare healthcare systems from a local regional and euregional perspective.
  • Identify barriers that hamper the cohesion of the healthcare services and treatments in our border region.
  • Identify opportunities and best practices that contribute to the complementarity of healthcare provided on each side of the border.
  • Support the pooling of healthcare facilities in our cross-border region.


  1. Organization of cross-border health research meet-ups, thematic workshops and seminars.
  2. Setting-up cross-border research labs and cross-border living labs, which involves:
  • Sandwich PhD positions between Oldenburg and Groningen,
  • Joint professorial appointments,
  • Development of cross-border consortia for grant applications.
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