Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Jarl Ivar van der Vlugt


Group members


Petra Rösner

W3 3-339


FAX: 0441 798 3352


Adress and Direction

Alumni and Former Group Members

PhD Students University of Amsterdam

Promotor as PI

1. Dr. Raoul Plessius (16th June 2020)
Title: Well-Defined Redox-Active Supramolecular Assemblies
2020 -       Forensic scientist at NFI, Den Haag

Co-Promotor as PI

2. Dr. Daniël L. J. Broere (7th June 2016) Cum Laude
Title: New Avenues for Redox-Active Ligands: Non-classical reactivity with late transition metals facilitated by o-aminophenol derived architectures
2016 - 2017  Postdoc (NWO Rubicon fellow) at Yale University (Holland Group)
2017-             Tenure-track Assistant Professor at Utrecht University

3. Dr. Sandra de Boer (28th June 2016)
Title: Proton-Responsive Pyridine-based Ligands: Synthesis, coordination chemistry and catalysis
2016-              Specialist water quality at AVF Water, Zwanenburg

4. Dr. Linda S. Jongbloed (28th September 2016)
Title: Fundamental Reactivity of the Metal-Carbon bond in Cyclometalated PNC-Complexes
2016                 Postdoc at UvA
2017-               Project manager at NWO, Den Haag

5. Dr. Vincent Vreeken (1st December 2016)
Title: PNP Pincer Ligands in Late Transition Metal Nitrido Chemistry and Gold Catalysis
2017 -              Research chemist coatings at Akzo Nobel, Sassenheim

Co-Promotor as co-PI

6. Dr. Sander Oldenhof (10th March 2015, with Reek)        
Title: The Role of METAMORPhos Ligands in Transition Metal Complex Formation and Catalysis          
2015 - 2017    Postdoc at TU Delft          
2017-                Forensic scientist at NFI, Den Haag

7. Dr. Zhou Tang (4th December 2015, with de Bruin)   
Title: Versatile Cooperative Ligand Effects in Group 9 Transition Metal Catalysis: Applications in transfer hydrogenation & hydrogen autotransfer reactions, ketene & ketene imine synthesis and hydroformylation
2016 -              Postdoc at Hong Kong University (Che Group)

8. Dr. René Becker (14th September 2016, with Reek)
Title: [FeFe]Hydrogenase Mimics for Proton Reduction Catalysis: Supramolecular proton reduction catalysts with appended redox-active and proton-responsive ligands towards application in a molecular artificial leaf   2017 - 2019     Engineer at Avantium, Amsterdam
2019 -               Entrepeneur, Melbourne, Australia
2020                  System Control Engineer at Skytree, Amsterdam

9. Dr. Riccardo Zaffaroni (22nd June 2017, with Reek)
Title: Second coordination sphere effects in [FeFe]Hydrogenase mimics
2018 -                Postdoc at TU Delft / E-Stone Batteries, Delft

10. Dr. Christophe Rebreyend (22nd June 2018, with de Bruin)
Title: The Radical-type Chemistry of Rhodium and Iridium Complexes with 'Non-innocent' Nitrido and PNN Pincer Ligands
2019 -                Postdoc at TU Delft

11. Klaas van Leest (3rd December 2020, with de Bruin)
Title: Open-Shell Cobalt Complexes with Redox-Active Ligands: Electronic structure and nitrene transfer reactivity
2021 -                Postdoc at Hong Kong University (Che Group)

Postdoctoral Fellows University of Amsterdam

Dr. Marc Devillard (2015-2016)*        (now charge de recherche CNRS at Univ. Rennes, France)
Dr. Bidraha Bagh (2015-2016)*         (now assistant professor at NISER Bhubaneswar, India)
Dr. Zhijong Guo (2015-2016)*            (now assistant professor at Fuzhou University, China)
Dr. Biswajit Saha (2014) (EMINTE)*   (now scientist at CSIR-NEIST Jorhat, India)
Dr. Ties Korstanje (2014-2015)$        (now VENI postdoc at UvA, Netherlands)
Dr. Andrea Pascui (2014-2015)*        (now senior scientist at Johnson Mathey R&D, United Kingdom)
Dr. Sofia Derossi (2012)*                     (now project manager at NWO, Netherlands)
Dr. Yann Gloaguen (2011-2012)*      (now patent attorney at Osha Liang, France)
Dr. Arnaud Perrier (2011)*                  (now high school teacher, France)
Dr. Michel Ferreira (2010)*                  (now assistant professor at Univ. Artois, France)
Dr. Rick Bauer (2010)*                         (now product manager at 3M, Canada)      
Dr. Ronald Lindner (2009-2010)*  

MSc. Students University of Amsterdam

Melle de Groot (2020)
Yara Djaidoen (2020)
Nicole van Leeuwen (2019)#
Dieuwertje Modder (2019)^    
Pieter Laan (2019)#
Imme Schuringa (2018)   
Vera Deij (2018)  
Klaas van Leest (2016)#
Marianne Lankelma (2016)#
Bas van Dijk (2015)ǂ   
Raoul Plessius (2015)# 
Richard van Heck (2014)
Rogier Kox (2014)   
Lambert Baij (2014)#     
Dirk Zant (2013-2014)#
Martijn Newsum (2012)     
Lianne Jongens (2012)  
Sandra de Boer (2011)#  
Mark Rong (2010)ǂ
Bart van den Bosch (2009)#                              

#   went on to pursue a PhD at University of Amsterdam
ǂ     went on to pursue a PhD elsewhere in the Netherlands (VU Amsterdam)
^    went on to pursue a PhD abroad (EPFL)

BSc. and Exchange Students University of Amsterdam

Ramandeep Singh (2018)
Manuel Nieuwdorp (2017) 
Sylvia Battcock (2016) (Erasmus)  
Lara Polak (2016)^
Danny Kroon (2016)
Stefan la Rooij (2014)^
Lotte Metz (2014)#
Lotte van Rees (2014)^   
Melanie Chévry (2013) (Erasmus)     
Wesley Jacobs (2012) 
Daan den Boer (2011) 
Lukas Wolzak (2010)#

#       went on to pursue a PhD at University of Amsterdam
^       went on to pursue a PhD abroad (Edinburgh, Univ Vienna)



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