Group Leader
Prof. Dr. Jarl Ivar van der Vlugt


Petra Rösner
W3 3-339
Tel: 0441 798 3654
FAX: 0441 798 3352


Adress and Direction

As a newly founded research group focussing on "Bio-Inspired Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis", we are always looking for curious and enthusiastic co-workers (f/m/d) from across the globe to join our diverse team.

Currently, we have several opportunities available for social and proactive PhD students with a background in synthetic molecular inorganic chemistry. Motivated BSc and MSc students may also approach us for a project. Depending on your level of entry, knowledge of essential analytical and spectroscopic methods (NMR, XRD, IR, UV-vis, MS, CV) is either expected or part of your learning package.

Ambitious postdoctoral fellows or visiting PhD students willing to apply for personal grant funding from a national, european or non-governmental science foundation (e.g. NSF, NSERC, EPSRC, Alexander von Humboldt, Banting, Marie Curie, COST, Fullbright, DAAD, DFG etc.) are also highly welcome and will receive ample support in order to maximize the chance of success.

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