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Physical Chemistry - Al-Shamery

Welcome to the Nanophotonics and Surface Chemistry group



  • The European doctorate program PCAM (Physics and Chemistry of advanced Materials) will host a monthly seminar series, starting mid-May. Details can be found on the program homepage.
  • Katharina Al-Shamery has started to be editor in chief of the Bunsen-Magazin of the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry. The first issue she is responsible for has the theme "back to the year 2050" and is available open access. Nobel laureates, key figures in science and industry, students and pupils discuss on what they think our future will look like. If you are curious and love science fiction or serious analytical papers, read more...
  • Our PhD student Michael Siemer was awarded the best poster prize for his work presented at the workshop  „Future Perspectives in Catalysis“ in Bremerhaven. Lars Mohrhusen has won the 3rd place poster prize at the same event for his poster “Defect dependent adsorption of organic molecules on tungsten oxide clusters on rutile TiO2” . Congratulations to both!
  • The Workshop „Future Perspectives in Catalysis“ which is co-organized by the Research Training Group “Chemical Bond Activation” (GRK 2226) and our research group, was held in Bremerhaven from September 2 - 6, 2019.
  • Prof. Al-Shamery has just been elected to the Board of Directors of The Peace Institute.
  • Our PhD student Lars Mohrhusen has won the PCCP Poster Prize at the 118th General Assembly of the Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry (Bunsentagung 2019) in Jena, for his poster “Defect dependent adsorption of organic molecules on tungsten oxide clusters on rutile TiO2” in the category "Catalysis and Electrochemistry". Congratulations!


Unendliche Weiten
Kreuz und quer durchs Chemie-Universum

T. K. Lindhorst, H.-J. Quadbeck-Seeger, GDCh (eds.)
"Mehr Lust als Last : der Gründungsrektor und die Präsidenten der Carl von Ossietzky Universität über ihre Herausforderungen und Erfolge" - Uni Oldenburgs presidents write about their reigns
New book out!
Interview with Katharina Al-Shamery about the book "European Women in Chemistry"
Interview with Katharina Al-Shamery about the book "Moleküle aus dem All" (Frankfurt Book Fair 7.10.2010)
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