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Marc Rosenkranz

Janick Bartels

uniMIND Oldenburg

General Information

This group is currently represented by Marc Rosenkranz and Janick Bartels.

uniMIND Oldenburg is an academic journal club designed to facilitate intellectual exchange and academic networking for the benefit of Psychedelic Research. As mental health problems are rapidly increasing, the MIND Foundation states the challenge at hand:

“Mental illness is a worldwide epidemic, and current treatments are frequently ineffective. Beyond that, many people struggle with a search for meaning. Although psychedelics are no magic pill or wonder cure, they are poised to become an innovative and effective method to both treat mental health disorders and to promote human development. […]”

Our meetings, which take place one or two times per month, usually consist of a scientific article presentation by one of the members. Within the subsequent discussion we exchange thoughts, insights and critique on this and other publications related to psychedelic research and altered states of consciousness. Thereby, uniMIND participants develop scientific skills and transdisciplinary thinking.

The meetings are in line with the MIND Foundation’s vision to advance the stabilization of Psychedelic Science as a legitimate academic pursuit and follow the uniMIND Code of Conduct. Participants further have the opportunity to join the uniMIND network which consists of more than 30 groups worldwide.

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