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Student project topics

Student project topics

We are always looking for motivated students who want to do a research module or their Bachelor's or Master's thesis in our group.

Experimental projects (supervised by Jutta Kretzberg supported by Sonja Meiser, Steffen Scherer):

  • Electrophysiological intracellular recordings in the medicinal leech
  • Voltage-sensitive dye recordings (only for M.Sc. thesis)
  • Dye-injection for morphological analysis

Modelling (supervised by Jutta Kretzberg and / or Go Ashida, supported by Kevin Sandbote, Fiona Teske):

  • Single-cell modelling
  • Modelling of biological neuronal networks

Data analysis (supervised by Jutta Kretzberg and / or Go Ashida, supported by Kevin Sandbote, Fiona Teske):

  • Analysis of spike data
  • Change-point detection in electrophysiological recordings
  • Optimization of biophysical neuron models



Examples of recent M.Sc. theses

  • Kevin Sandbote: "Single- and Multi-Compartment Models of Cell Intrinsic Plasticity in Leech Neurons" 02/2021
  • Sven Leach, "Striving for Perfection: Optimizing Neuron Model Parameters with Evolutionary Algorithms", Master thesis Neurocognitive Psychology, 09/2018
  • Zurna Ahmed, "Intracellular Recordings and Hodgkin – Huxley Model Simulation of Leech
    Neurons", Master thesis Neuroscience, 09/2017
  • Alexander Trende, "Comparison of time series analysis methods for the classification of a biological neuronal network", Master thesis Physics, 01/2017
  • Oliver Kühn, "Voltage Sensitive Dye Imaging of the Leech Local Bend Network - Impact of Touch Cells" , Master thesis Biology, 11/2016
  • Sonja Meiser, "Anatomische, Physiologische und Funktionelle Charakterisierung der Anterior-Pagoda Zelle des medizinischen Blutegels", Master thesis Biology, 08/2016


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