Director of the Department

Prof. Dr. Astrid Nieße

+49 441 798-2750  


+49 (0)441 798-4199 

A5 2-203

Research Focues

Research Focuses

In recent years, the research work of the computer science departments has led to the development of promising interdisciplinary research foci in the areas of "safety-critical systems" and "ICT for energy efficiency". In addition, there is a particularly close personal relationship with the Department of Health Services Research of Faculty 6, whose foundation was largely driven by Oldenburg Computer Science, as well as with neurosensors and energy research in Faculty V.

In addition, there are a number of other research initiatives in the areas of sustainability and teacher training at the University and in particular at Faculty II.

Due to the personnel integration of the department with OFFIS as well as the close coordination of contents, Oldenburg Computer Science achieved special synergy effects, a high visibility and international recognition in science, economy and society.

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