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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Sauer

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Studying at DfI in Oldenburg

Advantages of studying at the Department of Computer Science

Creative research environment

Our degree programmes emphasise a solid basic education in computer science and offer insights into basic research as well as the diverse applications of computer science in teaching. To this end, the department cooperates closely with other subjects at the university, for example medicine and psychology, as well as economics and social sciences in particular. The Department of Computer Science actively promotes the early and successful involvement of students in existing research, which is impressively confirmed by numerous publications and presentations by students at relevant conferences and trade fairs, some of which have been awarded prizes. Students appreciate this way of research-oriented teaching, which familiarises students with research issues already during their studies.

Study - closely networked

Individuality and manageability are two important aspects of studying. The teachers in Oldenburg maintain very close and good contact with their students. In computer science, students work together with the lecturers through courses, practicals, seminars and theses. Many of our students are also involved in current problems and supervisory activities as tutors and student assistants. The department openly meets the many requirements of a dynamic university location and the new demands made by our students.

Innovative environment

Oldenburg's nationally and internationally visible computer science has stimulated an outstanding IT landscape in its vicinity with a focus on the future fields of mobility, energy, health and the environment and sustainability. In addition to numerous IT companies, this includes in particular the affiliated OFFIS Institute for Computer Science, one of the most important non-university computer science research institutions in Germany, and the newly established branch of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence. In the research laboratories for networked energy systems, maritime systems, assisted and automated driving, future care and health systems as well as for smart city structures, which are jointly operated by the university and the OFFIS Institute for Computer Science, we work together on innovative solutions for socially relevant issues of the future. Through cooperation with numerous regional and supra-regional companies and public institutions, students can already apply the skills they have learned during their studies. The University of Oldenburg is a cosmopolitan place where people from over 110 countries study, teach and research.

Bachelor's degree programmes

Master's programmes

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