Academic counselling for Computing Science (Bachelor's programme)

Dr. Ute Vogel-Sonnenschein ( FSB Fachstudienberatung Bachelor Informatik )

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Specialisations (in German only)


Application to the Bachelor study programme "Computing Science" (single subject)

An application is possible until October, 15th. Be aware that some preparatory courses will take place before this deadline.

With a late application you risk to miss the opportunity to visit these voluntary courses.


Computing Science - Bachelor's Programme

You want to apply for a Bachelor's Programme in Computing Science.

Most important points

  • The study course is admission free.
  • Enrolment for beginning students is possible in winter semester.
  • First day of enrolment: July 16th 2021
  • Enrolment deadline: October 15th 2021
  • Enrolment: Click here

Special admission requirements

International applicants who received their prior education abroad should apply online through uni-assist. For further details see: Application for international students

English Language Proficiency see admissions regulations

  • Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) Level B1 or
  • if applicants are native speaker or they have university entrance qualification or a university degree obtained in English

The proof of language proficiency must be presented for the enrolment. For other proof possiblities see: Language requirements

Admission regulations

Fees and tuition

Normal fees and tuition, see more details .

Admission process

With a university-entry qualification from Germany you need to apply online from July 16th 2021 until October 15th 2021 for the beginning of Wintersemester 2021/2022.

For the online application please have your personal data and your university-entry qualification from Germany on hand.

At the end of the online application you get the document Bewerbungsantrag to print out. Please send this document signed with all other mentioned documents to the University of Oldenburg.

Your documents need to be at the University of Oldenburg until October 15th 2021.

All applicants, who fulfill the admission requirements, will get a study place.


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