Leiter der Studien-AG Informatik

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Sauer

OFFIS, Escherweg 2, O46 (» Adress and map )

Montags 10-11 Uhr. Bitte im Sekretariat anmelden!

+49 441 9722-122  (F&P

Study advisors in the Department of Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science supports you in your studies:

  • The study advisors in the Department of Computer Science support prospective students as well asstudents with questions about the organization of their studies.
  • The mentor program of the Department of Computer Science gives every student the opportunity to choose a mentor from among the computer science lecturers who will be available as a discussion partner and advisor during their studies.
  • In the Computer Science Department, our student council, the Fachschaft Informatik, help and advise each other.
  • For our first-year students, the student council also organizes the very informative orientation week and preliminary courses in mathematics and Unix.
  • During the first semester, first-semester tutors accompany our first-year students so that they can quickly understand and solve the organizational issues of their studies. Special first semester tutorials have been set up for this purpose.
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