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Dipl.-Jur. Jörg-Alexander Cordes LL.M.
Bachelor Programme Coordinator

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Hanse Law School

The Hanse Law School (abbr.: HLS) is a joint project of the Universities of Oldenburg and Bremen, in close cooperation with the University of Groningen / Netherlands (and, shortly, with the University of Le Havre in France). The main underlying idea is to pursue a „European legal mindset”. By offering a Bachelor’s and consecutive Master’s degree focusing on an international legal perspective, thus paving the way into the European labour market, we offer a programme decidedly different from conventional (national) legal studies.

In terms of academic rigor and standards, the HLS programme corresponds to „regular” law programmes. Students attend many lectures on national law alongside state-examination students. However, our alumni are prepared for the international labour market and companies with foreign business ties. The LL.B. and LL.M. degrees do not lead (directly) to the first state examination or a legal clerkship, which are geared towards civil service in the German judicial system. Nevertheless, students are free to choose this professional track.

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