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For specific queries regarding the Photovoltaics specialisation please contact Dr. Pearsall. For general inquiries please contact the EUREC Agency.

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Northumbria Photovoltaics Application Centre
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Photovoltaics - Northumbria

Specialisation in Photovoltaics at University Northumbria, United Kingdom

Offering Department and Institution

The photovoltaics specialization of the EUREC Master in Renewable Energy is hosted by the Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering and Environment at Northumbria University. The Department offers courses in physics with astrophysics and electrical and electronic engineering, supported by our research on mobile communications, microelectronics, renewable and sustainable energy technologies, and advanced materials.

Our contribution to the EUREC Master course is underpinned by the Photovoltaics Applications Group, with research across the photovoltaics value chain from the development of new solar cells to the understanding of photovoltaic implementation. Current research projects within the group include the development of kesterite based solar cells as part of a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (European Commission funded) and the assessment of photovoltaic system potential, both technical and economic, in the UK and India (funded by the UK Engineering and Physics Sciences Research Council). In addition, the Department has ongoing research in the areas of wind power and integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid.

Further information on the Research at University of Northumbria and the Department of Physics and Elelctrical Engineering, where the research group Northumbria Photovoltaic Applications Group (NPAG)is located:

Faculty of Engineering and Environment:

The faculty incorporates the Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering

Research branch within is: Engineering, Physics and Materials Science

with the research group Northumbria Photovoltaic Applications Group (NPAG)

Teaching - Specialisation Photovoltaics

Module Handbook

Download Module Handbook of the Specialisation in Photovoltaics


Cell and Module Technology10
  • Material Fabrication Technologies
  • Ideal junctions - equilibrium and under illumination
  • Non-ideal behaviour, characterisation and module design
Photovoltaic Development and Implementation10
  • Advanced photovoltaic cell design (high efficiency approaches, multijunction concepts, material reduction strategies, organic and polymer cells)
  • Advanced characterisation methods (methods to determine the detailed performance of advanced cell concepts)
  • Economic analysis methods (economic theory, production economics, financing mechanisms)
  • Environmental impact assessment (process definition, hazard assessment, embodied energy and emissions analysis)
  • Policy issues (market development, climate change and security aspects, government policies and market development approaches)
Photovoltaic System Technology10
  • PV arrays and system components
  • Grid connected PV systems, including large scale and building integrated systems
  • Stand-alone PV systems and applications
  • Concentrator PV systems
  • PV arrays for satellite power supply
  • Monitoring and performance analysis
  • Operation and maintenance, system lifetime, standards and regulations

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Examination Regulations

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