Ingo Mose at Children University Oldenburg

Within the Children University Oldenburg Ingo Mose reported on goals and tasks of biosphere reserves in Germany and some of their particular projects. The report was titled "What do a bird, a sheep and a cucumber have in common?".

Publication by Sabine Wüstemann

The Working Group Applied Geography and Environmental Planning congratulates Sabine Wüstemann, a former Student of the master course Sustainability, Economics and Management and member of the group, for the publication of her master thesis about cultural change in the Austrian region Oberpinzgau. 

Trip to the Irish atlantic coast

Students from the bachelors course Environmental Science and the master courses Landscape Ecology and Water and Coastal Management made a trip to Galway from 6th to 19th March, lead by Prof. Dr. Ingo Mose and Dr. Ing. Peter Schaal. The topics was the development of the coastal region and it's management. The students were supported by collegues from the National University of Ireland, Galway, which recently became an ERASMUS partner university to the IBU. The locals reported about town development, tourism, nature conservation, coastal protection and the morphology of the region as well as aspects of planning. 

Field trip of the seminar "Sustainable tourism" to Bremerhaven

On 9th February 2017 there was a field trip for the students of the seminar "sustainable tourism" to Bremerhaven lead by Prof. Dr. Ingo Mose. They visisted the Atlantic Hotel SAIL CITY where the hotel manager Tim Oberdiek spoke about the sustainability philosophy of the house management. Afterwards Raymond Kiesbye, the head of the Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH, a local organisation for tourism marketing of the city Bremerhaven, gave an overview about the activities of his insitution. The last part of the trip was a tour through the Havenwelten which shows the central hilights of maritim tourism in Bremerhaven. 

Farewell of Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grabski-Kieron

On 3rd February 2017 was the last lecture of Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grabski-Kieron (Institute for Geography) at the Westfälische Wilherlms University Münster. She held the chair for local, regional and state development/spatial planning. Her work for the working group Rural Spaces of the German Society For Geography including her function as spokesperson together with Prof. Dr. Ingo Mose connected her to the working group Applied Geography And Environmental Planning. During her celebratory farewell Ingo Mose gave a gast lecture about developmental perspectives of rural peripheries in Europe. 

Working Group for Geography and Environmental Planning participates in 2nd Sustainability Workshop

The second sustainability workshop of the University Oldenburg took place at the "Schlaues Haus" in Oldenburg on 11th Jan 2017. It was organised by COAST, the centre for environmental and sustainability research. The orking group presented its projects with posters and brochures at a so-called market of possibilities to a small specialist audience.

Scientits of the ERASMUS partner universities in Norway and Sweden visited Oldenburg

From 9th to 11th november scientists from the University Bergen (Norway), the Høgskulen i Sogn og Fjordane (Norway) and the Linneuniversitetet (Sweden) visited Oldenburg. They accepted an invitation by the ICBM, ZENARiO and COAST to get some insight on the study opportunities in Oldenburg. The three universities are connected to the university Oldenburg by the ERASMUS partnership. It was agreed with the guests to offer a range of courses in English with a major focus on the wadden sea. The program will start in the summer term 2017.

Annual meeting of the Working Group Rural Spaces in Erlangen

From 21st to 22nd October 2016 the annual meeting ot the Working Group Rural Spaces of the German Society for Geography took place at the institute for geography of the University Erlangen-Nürnberg. Since 2004 Prof. Dr. Ingo Mose is the speaker of the working group. 

Publication of the anthology "European rural peripheries revalued"

The results of an international symposium of the work group "Rural Spaces" in the German Society for Geography are published in an anthology by LIT Münster. The symposium took place in coorperation with the WG Applied Geography and Enviironmental Science in autumn 2014. The anthology holds 17 contributions by major spatial researchers from different countries who examined the development problems of rural peripheries in Europe. Alongside Ulrike Grabski-Kieron (Münster), Anja Reichert-Schick (Trier) and Annett Steinführer (Braunschweig), Prof. Dr. Ingo Mose is one of the publishers.

Field trip of the module "Applied Nature Conservation" to Hiddensee

Within the scope of the module "Applied Nature Conservation" 16 students from the master courses Landscape Ecology and Sustainibility, Economics and Management attendet Prof. Dr. Ingo Mose to a field trip to the Island Hiddensee. The group visited selected destinations of the national park "Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft and Jasmund". The Basis was the biological station of the University Greifswald on Hiddensee.The hilights of the trip were a tour with the head of the national park Dr. Ingolf Stodian around the chalk cliffs and an act of nature conservation maintenance in the dune heath.

Solemn appointment of the members of the newly inniciated Wadden Academy (De Jonge Waddenacademie, NL) on Texel

In 2015 the Wadden Academy decided to become younger and founded the Junge Waddenacadamie (De Jonge Waddenacademie). In Spring 2016 the selection procedure started. 

On 30th June 2016 the five new members were announced during the 16th conference of the Wadden Academy on the Island Texel. The five young scientists work in different scientific fields and will work on their ideas for the wadden sea region for the next five years. One of them is Nora Mehnen.

A new BMBF collaborative project has startet: "Wat Nu? - Demographic change in the wadden sea region"

A three-year research project started on 1st July 2016. The title "Wat Nu?" is a crossing between the German word Watt (engl. wadden) and the question What now? in the German dialect of the Wadden sea region. The collaborative project is supported by the BMBF programm "Kommunen innovativ" (innpovative municipality). 

The Research Group for applied geography and spatial planning will work together with the Working Group for regional structure and environmental research of the ARSU and the municipality Wangerland. It is aimed to adress demographic change in the wadden sea region and to find and test new approaches of gouvernance, participation and solution. Furthermore the island municipalities Juist and Spiekeroog, the town Norden, the Wattenmeerforum (forum wadden sea) and the university Groningen will take part in the project. 

Lecture by Katharina Stephan

Katharina Stephan, a staff member of the Project "Macroplastics", lectured ant the first Wangeroger Trash-Action-Days.

Field Trip to Norway and Sweden

The students of the course "Practical Nature Conservation" went on a Field trip from 14th to 21st May. There were several protected areas in Norwa and Sweden which were visited by the students from different master courses. Some of the students even came from University Vienna to take part in the ERASMUS-coorporated program. The trip was lead by Ingo Mose (Oldenburg) and Norbert Weixelbauer (Vienna). 

Promotion of Verena Cordlandwehr

Verena Cordlandwehr, member of the working group Applied Geography And Environmental Planning, just graduated successfully at University Groningen. Her dissertations title is "functional traits patterns in grassland communities and the importance of scale".

London 2016

For the seventh time students from the University Oldenburg and different courses of study went on a trip to London under the leadership of Ingo Mose and Peter Schaal. Some of the several topics of the trip were the revitalisation of the London Docklands regarding urban development and economy, a trip to one of the biggest British landfills and the Royal Botanical Gardens. THe partner of the trip on British sides was the Kingston University which is also ERASMUS partner of Oldenburg. 

"Macroplastics Pollution in the Southern North Sea – Sources, Pathways and Abatement Strategies"

Research Group participates in a new interdisciplinary research project

The main emphasis of the project is the increasing pollution of the oceans by long-lasting plastic waste. The researchers of the University Oldenburg from the fields physical oceanography, geoecologists and environmental planners want to make their contribution to the global problem by developing a solid scientific basis of the sources, distribution paths and accumulation areas. 

Publication of the anthology "Parks of the Future"

As a result of an international workshop concerning future perspectives of protected areas in europe which was arranged by the Jean Monet Chair at the Hanse-Wirtschaftskolleg in Delmenhorst, the Oekom-Publisher released the anthology "Parks of the Future" containing articles by 28 international Experts. Some of these and Co-Publishers are Dominik Siegrist (Rapperswil), Thomas Hammer (Bern), Norbert Weixelbaumer (Vienna) and Ingo Mose, holder of the Jean Monnet Chair. 

The anthology will be released by the publisher in a public event in the Zukunftssalon in Munich on 25th February 2016. Within the framework of this event represantatives of environmental and nature conservation organisations will discuss the future challenges with the authors.

Excursion of the seminar "Sustainable Tourism" to Bremerhaven

In the framework of the seminar "Sustainable Tourism" students of different master courses visited Bremerhaven on 22nd January 2016 with Prof. Dr. Ingo Mose. Current questions about the development of Bremerhaven as a tourist destination were the focus of the excursion. The highlight of the trip was a visit in the Atlantic Hotel Sail City which devoted itself to a sustainable corporate management. The unanimous opinion of the students: Bremerhaven is worth a stay!

Mareike Garms winns ITB-Science price

The German society for tourism science (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tourismuswissenschaft e. V., DGT) confered the ITB Science Price to Mareike Garms, a landscape ecology graduate, in the category "Best Master Thesis"! The price will be given to her  at the international tourism trade show in Berlin in March this year. The Research group congratulates Mareike Garms for this outstanding honor!

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