Current reaserch projects

KLEVER - Climate-optimised drainage management in the operation area emden

Prof. Dr. Ingo Mose, Dr.-Ing. Peter Schaal, Sipl.-Ing. Jan Spiekermann

The KLEVER-project works on a conzept to adjust the drainage management of the lower saxony lowlands to the upcoming difficulties of climate change. Big parts of the inland of the region Emden are below mean sea level, therefor a well working drainage system is is the main precondition for settlement. Together with the Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth the research group will work on solutions for the region. The period of the project is from 2015 to 1018. It is funded by the BMUB. 

Project "Green Ring Bremen"

Prof. Dr. Ingo Mose, Dr.-Ing. Peter Schal, Christian Aden, Jonas Zimmermann

The Green Ring is a three-part circular cycling path system through Bremen's surrounding area. The project aims to maintain the status quo of the Green Ring and to search for potential improvement measures. Furthermore the research group wants to identify potentials for further development to an areal concept of securing open and green spaces as well as recreation planning. The procet has a period from 2014 to 2015 and is funded by the muncipal association Niedersachsen-Bremen e. V. and the research group intself.

Professor Dr. Ingo Mose
  • Follow up and evaluation of the "North Sea Rural Project" in the context of Interreg IIIb.
  • New regional development concepts for peropheral rural regions in the European Union (DFG project).
  • Image analysis of the Wesermarsch.
  • Perspectives for local authorities for the city of Nordhorn.
  • Tourism potential in the Lathen Region.
  • LEBEN 2014- Perspectives for regional development in the Hohe Tauern/ Oberpinzgau National Park (Austrian Ministry for Science and Education).
  • Enviromental education in national parks (DFG project).
  • Analysis of the commercial infrastructure in the city of Twistringen.
  • Local development concepts for the Brinkum/ Stuhr municipality.
  • Potentials for a camping area in the Dammer Berge.
  • Potentials for river activities in the Hasetal.
  • Acceptance of the Wattenmeer National Park in Lower Saxony.

Dr. Ing. Peter Schaal
  • Dissertation follow up and evaluation of the Interreg IIIb "North Sea Rural Project"
  • "Strategies for implementation of decentralized power supply systems based in new common theories" (in cooperation with Verena Greve) - requested by the Research Promotion Department of the University of Oldenburg.
  • "Perspectives for wind power use considering conflicting energy-political objectives and planning restrictions - analysis of the situation and necessary adjustments with special consideration of the Repowerings", project in co-operation with DEWI (Wilhelmshaven) and ARSU GmbH (Oldenburg).
  • "Analysis of the development tendencies of fermentation gas use in Northwest Germany", study project in Environmental Sciences of the University of Vechta in co-operation with Institut für Strukturforschung und Planung in agrarischen Intensivgebieten (ISPA) and the Kompetenzzentrum Nachwachsende Rohstoffe 3 N in Werlte.
  • Comparative analysis between the extent and organisation of regional fundraising for environmental and nature protection projects in rural regions of Germany and the international scenario (in cooperation with Pia Steffenhagen).
  • Structure of a knowledge management platform for validating, standardising and spreading GIS based methods in landscape planning. Co-operation partner: University of Potsdam - chair for landscape planning; Hochschule Anhalt - Fachbereich 1 Landwirtschaft, Ökotrophologie und Landschaftsentwicklung, Planteam Mittelhessen, Kerkrader Straße 9, 35394 Gießen and the Bundesverband Beruflicher Naturschutz e.V.
  • "Successes of the regional development of rural areas - an example of the northwest region", requested by the Research Promotion Department of the University of Oldenburg.


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