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Doctoral Degree Programs

Doctoral Degree Programs

Apart from the two graduate schools 3GO and OLTECH, the university has very successfully acquired coordinated doctoral programs in all fields, thereby taking a leading position within the state of Lower Saxony.

In addition to the externally funded research training groups, the following doctoral programs are currently being offered at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg:

Program Speaker Schools participating
Arbeit – Organisation - Wissen (AROWI) Prof. Dr. Martin Heidenreich Fakultät I
Lebenslanges Lernen und Bildungsmanagement (L3BM) Prof. Dr. Olaf Zawacki-Richter Fakultät I
Sonderpädagogik und Rehabilitation (SpuR) Prof. Dr. Gisela C. Schulze Fakultät I
Transnational Economics and Law in the Information Society (TELIS) Prof. Dr. Hans-Michael Trautwein Fakultät II
Umweltökonomie und Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement (UNA) Prof. Dr. Hans-Michael Trautwein Fakultät II
Cultural and Gender Studies (ended WiSe 2020/21)

Prof. Dr. Karen Ellwanger, Prof. Dr. Silke Wenk

Fakultät III
Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity   Fakultät V
Mathematics and Fundamental Physics   Fakultät V
Molecular and Nanoscale Science   Fakultät V
Renewable Energy   Fakultät V
Medicine and Health Sciences   Fakultät VI
Neurosensory Science and Systems

Prof. Dr. Georg Martin Klump

Fakultät VI
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