Department for Research and Transfer

Dr. Julia Anna Matz
Officer for Early Career Researchers with a focus on Doctoral Candidates and International Issues

+49 (0)441-798 4286

Good Scientific Practice and GenAI

Proper academic conduct and adherence to the guidelines of good scientific practice have the highest priority in research and are essential prerequisites of scientific work, whose goal is the generation of knowledge for society’s benefit. A self-critical attitude towards one's own research results as well as close compliance with discipline-specific regulations for using sources and data needs to be consequently adhered to by researchers in all career stages.

Scientific work at the University of Oldenburg is subject to the Regulations governing the principles for safeguarding good academic practice. In the case of potential misconduct, this suspicion is investigated according to the regulations governing the principles for safeguarding good academic practice at the University of Oldenburg. The responsible points of contact would be the ombudspersons and the Committee for Good Scientific Practice at the University of Oldenburg.

Answers to questions about correct scientific work practices are, furthermore, provided in the eLearning course "Good Research Practice during Doctoral Studies" that is also available in English language.

The Recommendations for the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in teaching and learning at the University of Oldenburg as of end 2023 also offer an orientation framework to early career researchers for the appropriate use of generative artificial intelligence (e.g. ChatGPT) in the sense of good scientific practice in learning and teaching.

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