Main Areas of Research

- quantitative models of elementary cognitive processes (multisensory integration, cognitive control)

- measurement and analysis of reaction times (eye movements)

- modeling choice behavior (random utility theory)

- measurement of dissimilarity (dissimilary cumulation theory)

- graph-theoretic approaches (tree structures)

- speech recognition (hearing aids)

Current Research Projects

Modeling response inhibition: Stop-signal paradigm (with A. Diederich, Jacobs University Bremen) DFG project, 2021-2023

On the impact of audiovisual integration on acoustic communication in hearing impaired adults, together with A Gieseler, S Rosemann, C Thiel, 01/2018-12/2019:  supported by Hearing Industry Research Consortium (IRC)

Multisensory integration: Time-window-of-integration modeling (with A. Diederich, Jacobs University Bremen)

Fechnerian Scaling (with E. N. Dzhafarov, Purdue University)

Past Research Projects

Subjective dimensions of visual-auditory object formation [Subjektive Dimensionen visuell-auditorischer Objektbildung] Teilprojekt B4-Sonderforschungsbereich/DFG SFB/TRR31 "Active Listening"

Internationales DFG-Graduiertenkolleg "Neurosensory Systems and Science"

Sokrates/Erasmus Intensive Program (IP-Project 28629-IC-1-2004-1-UK-Erasmus-IPUC-1) on “Mathematical and Computational Models in the Psychological Sciences (MCMPS)”

Integrated Modeling for Safe Transportation (IMoST): Human ModelingRegular minimality principle in relation to decision making and categorization  (with E.N. Dzhafarov, Purdue University, and A. Diederich, Jacobs University) - AFOSR

Fechnerian Scaling: Metric from Discriminability (with E.N. Dzhafarov, Purdue University) - NSF

A reverse correlation approach toward revealing oscillatory mechanisms in reaction times to multisensory stimulation (with A. Diederich, Jacobs University) - Tandemprojekt in NOWETAS

Experimental and theoretical investigation of spatial and temporal rules of multisensory integration [Experimentelle und theoretische Untersuchung räumlicher und zeitlicher Regeln der multisensorischen  Integration]  (DFG DI 506/8-1,  with Prof. Dr. Adele Diederich, Jacobs University Bremen, PI

DFG-Projekt "Experimentelle Prüfung einer neuen Begründung der Fechnerschen Psychophysik am Beispiel der Lautheitsmessung" [Experimental test of a new foundation of Fechnerian psychophysics: loudness measurement]; 11/1999 - 11/2001.

Multidimensional Fechnerian Scaling: Metric from Discriminability. TransCoop-Program (Humboldt Foundation, Prof. E. N. Dzhafarov, Purdue University

Visual- auditory interaction with simple or directed manual responses and saccadic eye movements. Projekt C3 im Sonderforschungsbereich 517 "Kognitive Leistungen und ihre neuronalen Grundlagen" ["Neurocognition"], Universitaeten Bremen/Oldenburg; 1996-2001.

"Visual - tactile Interaction in human orientation behavior". DFG-Schwerpunktprogramm Sensomotorische Integration 1/98-12/01 Gestalt vs. analytic cognition: An investigation through mental chronometry: German-American Commission on Collaborative Research/DAAD. (with Prof. James T. Townsend, Indiana University,Bloomington); 1992-1996.

DFG-Graduiertenkolleg zu "Psychoakustik und Laerm" [Psychoacoustics and Noise], 1992- 2000

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