Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Dirk Weyhe


Dr. rer. nat. Verena Uslar

(+49) 441 229-1490

Postal address: Pius Hospital, University Clinic for Visceral Surgery, Georgstr. 12, 26121 Oldenburg, Germany

Visiting address: Grüne Str. 6, 26121 Oldenburg



The aim of the LAOLA project is to design and implement a speech therapy app to support the therapy of voice disorders. The app provides interactive biofeedback training for patients using digital real-time analyses of visual (analysis of mouth movements, joint point analysis) and auditory aspects (voice recognition). The LAOLA app is a further development of the experimental research app Oldenburger Logopädie App(OLA).

The University Clinic for Visceral Surgery is evaluating the use of the LAOLA app with patients and therapists. The app will be used in speech therapy and examined for the accuracy of the sensors, the real-time capability of the speech therapy exercises, the guidance and motivation of the patients, as well as user-friendliness and human-technology interaction. In a first step, the University Hospital organises focus groups with speech therapists and patients to analyse the requirements, is mainly responsible for the conceptual development of the training content, supports ELSI and regulatory aspects and carries out the project-accompanying evaluations of the individual components and the overall system of the demonstrator. In addition, the University Department of Visceral Surgery supports the project partners in the overall project in user-centred development and is in charge of drafting ethics applications.

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