Project manager and contact person

Dr. rer. nat. Verena Uslar

(+49) 441 229-1490

Postal address: Pius Hospital, University Clinic for Visceral Surgery, Georgstr. 12, 26121 Oldenburg, Germany

Visiting address: Grüne Str. 6, 26121 Oldenburg

OLA - Oldenburger Logopädie-App

Development of an app for voice therapy support after thyroid surgery

It is still unclear how extensive voice changes are after thyroid surgery. In cooperation with the working group Assistance Systems and Medical Technology, an app is therefore to be developed with which patients can specifically train various aspects of their voice after surgery. The study is funded by the research pool of Faculty VI of the University of Oldenburg. To evaluate the applicability, an initial feasibility study is currently underway in which the voice quality of patients is objectively measured several times during the course of therapy. As part of the study, one group of patients trains with the app at home, while the other group receives standard therapy. The first results concerning the use of the app by the patients are very promising.

Contact for further questions: Dr. rer. nat. Verena Uslar

Current status

As part of the research pool project, an easy-to-use layout was developed and 15 exercises were included (see below). Here you can see examples of two of the exercises:

A further goal of the follow-up project LAOLA is the expansion of the exercises to address a broader group of patients and the development and research of functions to better monitor the course of therapy, e.g. recording of the voice during the exercises, recognition of errors in posture and interactive feedback to the patients.

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