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BSc/MSc Thesis Projects and Praxismodul

If you are interested in a bachelor or master thesis project or an inpedendent research module in our group, please contact or .

Possible projects

  • tissue clearing
  • lightsheet microscopy of cleared tissue
  • enzymatic water analysis
  • image analysis with ImageJ and/or python


  • Marvin Weidler, 2017, "Operante Konditionierung von Zebrafischen auf Lichtreize"
  • Christin Slomianka, 2018, "Neuronale Prozessierung von Licht- und Magnetreizen im Zebrabärblingsgehirn"


  • Vincent Jäntsch, 2017, "Richten sich Amerikanische Bisons (Bos bison) am Magnetfeld der Erde aus?"
  • Diandra Düngen, 2018, „Spatial distribution of Mysticetes and Odontocetes in the St. Lawrence estuary with emphasis on minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata): individual differences in habitat use and behavioural responses to biopsies”
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