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THOR: FAQs & infos

Current information on installation on MacOS

"for MacOS users with Intel processors, the solution is for the installer to be granted Full Disk Access for a short time. This can be switched on before the installation and switched off again at the end.

For macOS users with M processors, you have to make sure you use the ARM installer."

Multiple installations of Thor and consequences:

If the Thor software is installed more than once, multiple processes of Thor are probably running. If several Thor processes are running, Thor no longer works.

However, the user does not notice this. Multiple installations should therefore be avoided.

The Thor services can be stopped and Thor deactivated (Windows) as follows.

Start the (Windows) command prompt (also called DOS box, CMD box, Command Prompt) as administrator or with administrator authorisation.

Execute the following commands one after the other. If you receive the re-registration "Access denied", the command prompt was not started with administrator rights.

Here are the commands that you should enter one after the other.

- sc stop asgard2-agent

- sc delete asgard2-agent

- sc stop asgard2-agent_sc

- sc delete asgard2-agent_sc

- del /F /Q C:\Windows\System32\asgard2-agent

(Repeat) Check whether the Thor services are active/running (Windows):

Start Windows Task Manager.

In the Processes view card and there in the Background Process es section, after successful installation, the two processes

- Asgard2-agent.exe and

- Asgard2-agent-servive.exe

can be found.

Use of Thor on computers that are not the property of the university.

The statement is clear. The use of the Thor version on private computers (whether students, employees or professors/scientists) is NOT permitted!


There is a version Thor-Lite as an open source product for Windows, MAC, LINUX.


According to my information, the ICBM has already installed this product.

In my opinion, the use and evaluation is not trivial and can only be used to a limited extent by IT laypersons.

An almost one-hour Youtube video from the manufacturer NEXTRON is available here:

Question: If my PC is in the W2KROOT domain, will the IT services take care of my PC?

Answer: Automatically, no PC is in the W2KOOT domain, even if the PC is operated in the university network. The administrators must make provision for this during the installation.

Check whether the computer is in the W2KROOT domain:

Windows: start the command prompt (enter cmd in the search) and then enter the command `echo %USERDOMAIN%`. The answer should be W2KROOT, otherwise install the client manually.

Linux: enter the command `hostname -d` in the shell, it should then output If not, install the client.

MacOS: probably not in the domain (Linux command should work here too), i.e. install client if necessary.

I do not get a programme button and the installation window does not show anything. Is this normal?

The installation must be carried out with admin rights or as administrator.

During the Windows installation, a so-called DOS window opens for a short time. There are no text characters in this window, the window closes automatically afterwards. No Thor button or similar is created, the programme cannot be called up separately, it runs automatically in the background as a process.

Check whether the installation has run correctly (or the IT services have already installed Thor on computers in the W2KROOT):

Windows: Call up the task manager

In the Processes view card in the Background Processes section, after successful installation the processes

  • Asgard2-agent.exe and
  • Asgard2-agent-servive.exe

can be found. If these processes are missing, the installation probably did not run correctly.

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