Jan Freund (Team Leader)

W15 1-101 (OL-Wechloy)

+49 (0)441 / 798-3231

Klemens Buhmann

W15 1-107 (OL-Wechloy)

+49 (0)441 / 798-3064

Matthias Schröder

W15 1-109 (OL-Wechloy)

+49 (0)441 / 798-3445

Fred Hasselhorst

Tue: 12:00-14:00, Wed-Fri: 9:30-14:00

EG011 (WHV)

+49 (0)4421 / 944-172

Andre El-Ama

W15 1-148 (OL-Wechloy)

+49 (0)441 / 798-3518


Please always send enquiries to ICBM-IT via email to
- these will only be read by the team members named on the left.

Latest news from ICBM-IT

We request the return of borrowed ICBM laptops (unless they are currently in use after consultation with us).


Archived news from ICBM IT

Mission statement

We are service-oriented contacts for all questions and problems in the area of IT infrastructure. We see our central tasks in

  • advising on the purchase of IT hardware and the use of central IT services at the university,
  • setting up and maintaining an operational software environment,
  • monitoring and analysing the IT infrastructure in order to avoid problems in advance and ensure security, and
  • providing support for IT solutions to questions of scientific computing and data management as well as online teaching and presentation technology.

Our goals are good communication and transparency as well as sustainable solutions and security.


How do I get support?

Please always send your request by email to (ticket system). You will receive an email reply as soon as possible from the IT team member who has dealt with your request. To prioritise requests that arrive at the same time, please describe the importance and urgency of your request in your request.

Be aware of phishing mails

Just some Links:

Und doch noch mal ein eigener Text:

Due to recent incidents we would like to remind you how to take care of spam and phishing mails.

Since even in hacker circles there is a shortage of skilled workers, most spam/fraud is not too intelligent (=dangerous), but thanks to DeepL and ChatGPT at least it looks not that bad anymore. That means it's getting more difficult to detect, On the other hand: looking at the mail is usually still without danger and most of the time clicking on links is not harmful either. Entering anything on the linked pages is FATAL in case of a phishing site.

There are a few basic rules you should follow within EVERY mail:

No matter where the mail comes from and in which program you look at it: BEFORE you click on any link, look in the mails header for the full sender (if you can see it) but that's just a first clue. After that, look at the exact link you want to click on. To do so hover your mouse over the link and the real destination should usually be displayed in the lower left corner (on cell phones, usually long-click the link). After you have clicked on a link, look at the top of the browser address page to see if this is really the institution you want to go to. A few examples to try out:


None of these links directs to an ICBM or other university page! Last one has to be copied by hand, but obviously it is '' between the first slashes after https ;)

This practice of checking links BEFORE and AFTER clicking also applies to clicking links in web pages.

How do I set up a Teams account?

Thunderbird and UOL calendar

You can find a description in our Intranet:

Thunderbird and UOL Calendar

Windows: Is my Bitlocker active?

Bitlocker is a programme to further protect unauthorised access to hard disk data. Normally, this protection is completely unnoticed, but under some conditions a Bitlocker key file is required. If this is not present, access to the data is no longer possible or at least considerably more difficult...

Please check if the Bitlocker is active and inform us if it is by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Windows settings (cogwheel in the start menu).
  2. Search for 'Bitlocker
  3. Go to 'Manage Bitlocker' and one of the two alternatives should appear:
    1. Alternative 1: If it looks like this (X: Bitlocker disabled or Bitlocker waiting to be enabled) everything is OK, Bitlocker is not active. or
    2. Alternative 2If it looks like this (Bitlockeractivated and the options to deactivate it) inform us to discuss how to proceed.
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