Janis Ahrens

MASTER Marine environmental science
Carl-von-Ossietzky-Str. 9-11

TEL.: (49) 441-798-2534
FAX: (49) 441-798-3404
RAUM: W15-2-223

E-MAIL: janis.ahrens(at)


Curriculum Vitae

since 2016    Ph.D. student at the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, University of Oldenburg, Germany
2012-2016 Studies of Marine Environmental Sciences (M.Sc.) at University of Oldenburg

Studies of Geosciences (B.Sc.) at University of Bremen

Research Interests

Inorganic biogeochemistry of the subterranean estuary of exposed tidal beach systems and their potential impact on the coastal sea



Seibert S L, Holt T, Reckhardt A, Ahrens J, Melanie Beck, Pollmann T, Giani L, Waska H, Böttcher M E, Greskowiak J, Massmann G (2018): Hydrochemical evolution of a freshwater lens below a barrier island (Spiekeroog, Germany): The role of carbonate mineral reactions, cation exchange and redox processes. Applied Geochemistry 92, 196-208.

Conference Items

Ahrens J, Beck M, Greskowiak J, Grünenbaum N, Degenhardt J, Waska H, Schnetger, Brumsack HJ (2018): Efficient nutrient recycling in the subterranean estuary of an exposed sandy beach. Saltwater Intrusion Meeting 2018, Gdansk, Poland

Waska H, Ahrens J, Grünenbaum N, Massmann G, Meier D, Schwalfenberg K, Simon H, Zielinski O, Dittmar T (2018): Beach morphology impacts dissolved organic matter (DOM) dynamics in the subterranean estuary. ASLO Ocean Science Meeting, Portland (Oregon), USA

Ahrens J, Beck M, Waska H, Schnetger B, Brumsack H-J (2017): Spatial Variability in Pore Water Biogeochemistry and Trace Metal Cycling of a Subterranean Estuary. Goldschmidt Conference, Paris, France

Goldhammer T, Ahrens J, Marshall J, Ferdelman T (2014): Phosphorus burial in ultra-oligotrophic sediments of the South Pacific. EGU General Assembly 2014, Vienna

Govin A, Ahrens J, Heslop D, Zabel M, Mulitza S, Chiessi CM (2013): History of terrestrial precipitation in the Amazon basin (South America) during the last 240 ka. PAGES 2nd Young Scientists Meeting and 4th Open Science Meeting, Goa, India

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