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Center for Marine Sensors (ZfMarS)

Center for Marine Sensors (ZfMarS)

The new Lower Saxony Centre for Marine Sensor Technology (ZfMarS) is an interdisciplinary and transfer-oriented research institution of the working groups Marine Sensor Systems and Processes and sensing of marine interfaces at the Wilhelmshaven site. The focus of the centre is on the fields of application and reliability of sensor technology in marine and maritime environments.

Sensors are key technologies in modern marine technology. They include socially and economically highly relevant applications such as the sustainable use of energy and raw material resources or the increased environmental safety and compatibility of maritime transports. Within the ZfMarS, three interacting innovation laboratories serve to address current issues.

In close cooperation with the Jade University of Applied Sciences and the regional industry, a new and outstanding research facility is thus being created in a European field of cutting-edge technology. Embedded in the research competences and structures of the University of Oldenburg, the sustainable transfer of scientific findings to the Lower Saxony economy is strengthened.

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