Research boat "ZEPHYR"

The hull of the second research boat named "ZEPHYR" is made of aluminium – other than its predecessor, which was made of GRP. The boat belongs to the "NAVICULA"- class, but in difference to this vessel it has one meter more in length and is equipped with an outboard engine.

Mild western breeze - a Figure from Greek Mythology

Technical Data
YOC:2013 (Feltz-Boote, Hamburg)
LOA:7.5 metersBOA: 2.5 meters
Payload:10 pers./5 pers.
+ 400 kgs
Draught:0.3 Meter
Motorization:1 Petrol-Outboard-Engine, 110 kW (150 HP, max. 20 knots)
Hull:Aluminium (Cockpit max. 5 pers.)
The research boat disposes of three measuring work places, equipped with up to four computer systems. Besides, a voltage transformer (transformation from  24 to 230 Volts/1 kW), a 220 Volts generator unit (2 kW) and several more devices complete the (scientific) equipment of the vessel, such as Radar, echo sounder, map plotter, auto pilot, weather station with air speed indicator and  4 kW warm air radiator.  "Zephyr" is easily handled by one skipper, supported by one aide for scientific equipment, if necessary.
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