Dr. des. Karsten Levihn-Kutzler

A06 2-210a (» Adress and map )

Thursdays, 10 am - 12 pm

+49 441 798-4648  (F&P


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Institute for English and American Studies
Literary and Cultural Studies

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  • 19th, 20th, and 21st century Anglophone literatures
  • Postcolonial and transcultural theory
  • Environmental criticism
  • Literature and science



Summer term 2020

Winter term 2019 / 2020

Summer term 2019

Academic CV

Since 2018 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Oldenburg
Research Cluster Fiction Meets Science (Volkswagen Foundation

PhD in English Literature, Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main
“Writing Global Risk: Manufactured Uncertainty and the Imagination of Globality in Contemporary Anglophone Fiction”(summa cum laude)

2016 – 2018 Doctoral research assistent, Goethe-University, Frankfurt/Main
2011 – 2014 Doctoral fellow, Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes
2010 – 2018 Graduate Student, Goethe-University, Frankfurt/Main
2010 Magister Artium, Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main
“Borders: Fictions of Globalization and the Margins of the Nation State”
2003 – 2010 Undergraduate Studies, Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main
English Studies and Drama, Film and Media Studies


Publications and Talks


“From Global Risk to Private Catastrophe: The Domestic and the Planetary in Daniel Kramb’s From Here and Susannah Waters’ Cold Comfort.” Open Library of Humanities, 4(2):41 (2018): 1–24. DOI:

Precautionary Readings.” Ecozon@ 8.2 (2017): 217–221.

“Toxic Terror and the Cosmopolitanism of Risk in Indra Sinha’s Animal’s People”. Post-Empire Imaginaries? Anglophone Literature, History, and the Demise of Empires. Eds. Barbara Buchenau & Virginia Richter with Marijke Denger. Amsterdam & New York: Brill, 2015: 371-391.

Talks (recent)

“Flood Fiction, Littoral Communities and the Politics of Environmental Precariousness.” Postcolonial Oceans, Joint Annual Conference of GAPS and IACPL, University of Bremen, 2 June 2019

“Postcolonial Fictions of Science and the Politics of Translation.” BSLS Annual Conference, Royal Holloway, University of London, 6 April 2019

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