Visualization of logistic regression models

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LR-Mesh is a Delphi program for the visualization of habitat models.
The program draws the response surface of a logistic regression model against two explanatory variables as a mesh.


    The response surface is calculated on the basis of a regression model that is pasted to a textbox
    Variables and axis ranges may be customized.
    Simple interaction terms may be included.
    The model result is corrected for each variable that is not displayed in the diagram (option).
    The pseudo-3D-diagram may be rotated around the z-axis and tilted.
    A reference point may be moved over the response surface indicating the predicted probability (z-value).
    The diagram may be saved as wmf-File.
    The graph can be displayed as a mesh or as a coloured surface.

System requirements:

    The program is compiled on a Windows NT-System. It may be run on Windows 98, NT or 2000 (R)
    The decimal separator must be a point! - Check the system properties.


    The program may be used by everyone without any licence fee.

Download - version 1_0_5 (Sep 2004, 225 kB): , instructions currently only in german
Please, read the disclaimer first.



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