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Graduate Survey

In a three-year cycle, we conduct a survey of students who graduated from the university since the last data collection. Survey questions focus on recent alumni's retrospective assessments of the study programme and on the start of their careers.

Target group:

  • Graduates of the Bachelor’s degree programmes who left the University of Oldenburg after completing their Bachelor’s degree
  • Graduates of the Master’s degree programmes
  • Graduates of the State Examination’s programme in human medicine

Graduate Survey addresses the following topics:

  • General questions about the programme of study, its structure and students' motivation for studying
  • Academic experiences and retrospective assessment of the programme
  • Professional situation and job satisfaction

The Graduate Survey offers valuable data for gaining a deeper understanding of alumni needs and experiences over the course of their studies as well as immediately after graduating, i.e., during the transition from university to work. The survey does not only provide an insight into recent graduates' retrospective assessment of the degree programme, but it also allows us to learn about our graduates' professional situation and career development. The results help us optimize the quality of teaching and student experience, and support us in creating the best conditions for a successful career start.

Customized surveys

Graduate Surveys can also be customized to fit your department's needs. Get in touch with our team if you would like to learn more about various options available.

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