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                            Two drawings of courses. In the left picture students in a big room listen to a lecturer, in the right picture students in a small room listen to another lecturer.

Student Survey

Every two years, the Presidential Department for Study Affairs conducts online survey of students in the second semester or higher. In this way, we can compare the expectations at the beginning of the degree programme with the actual student experience at the university. We inquire about students' plans after graduation as well as about additional support that could help our students reach their goals.

The general part of the student survey is standardized, which enables comparisons over several years.  Additionally, we can introduce varying sets of questions when required and in this way target topics or issues the university wishes to explore in further detail.

Target group

Students of Bachelor's and State Examination’s programmes (from the second semester) and Master's programmes (from the first semester)

The survey addresses the following topics:

  • Overall satisfaction with the student experience
  • Assessment of the course of study
  • Evaluation of counseling and advising services
  • Organization and administration of course offerings
  • Assessment of teaching strategies, incorporation of research into teaching and focus on practical knowledge
  • Interconnectedness of courses and modules
  • Structure of the course offerings, including (elective) specialization area
  • Transition from undergraduate to graduate education and/or transition from university to work
  • Development of interdisciplinary competencies
  • Study and exam rules and regulations, exam organization
  • Length and cost of study, workload
  • Financial and social circumstances (employment during studies, family situation, etc.)
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