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As a service department, we provide the opportunity to all departments, programs, institutes and institutions at the university to have their study programs, modules, workshops, etc. evaluated with our help. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Listed below are some of the current and recurring surveys and course evaluations:

  • Center for Lifelong Learning (C3L – Center für lebenslanges Lernen): Student and recentl alumni surveys
  • Center for Teacher Education (diz – Didaktisches Zentrum): Evaluation of the GHR300 mentoring program and competence development workshops
  • European Medical School (EMS): Various surveys and evaluations
  • Protestant Theology and Religious Education: Evaluation of the mentoring program
  • Research-based Learning in Focus Plus (FLIF+): Various surveys
  • Graduate Academy: Course evaluation
  • Graduate School of Science, Medicine and Technology (OLTEC): Workshop evaluation
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Hochschuldidaktik): Workshop and seminar evaluations
  • Institute of Sport Science: Evaluation of the sports aptitude test
  • International Students Office (ISO): Various surveys
  • Life Course Perspective and Dropout from Higher Education (LAST): Panel study
  • Oldenburg Center for Professional Development (OFZ): Course and workshop evaluations
  • OLE+ Quality Initiative for Teacher Education (Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung): Various surveys
  • Orientation Year: Program evaluation
  • Scholarships Office: Scholarship recipient survey
  • Language center: Course topic needs assessment and teaching assistant evaluations
  • Study programs and institutes: Tailored student and alumni surveys
  • studiO: User survey
  • Student retention survey (students who have changed programs, transferred to another university or left higher education)
  • Study and Career Counseling Service (ZSKB – Zentrale Studien- und Karriereberatung ): Teaching assistant training evaluation
(Changed: 2021-04-30)