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Stud.IP for Faculty

The University of Oldenburg uses the StudIP learning management system. This page highlights some of Stud.IP's useful features, so that faculty – and especially incoming instructors – can get a quick overview of its basic functions and resources.

What is Stud.IP?

Stud.IP is a learning management system that instructors can use for designing and managing courses. Stud.IP enables instructors to upload course materials (text, video, and other file formats), manage assignments and student activities, and assist student learning.

You can access Stud.IP by logging in with your university user name and password either through the university's homepage or at

More information about Stud.IP is available in German.

Stud.IP features

Stud.IP's online tools help instructors to manage their university courses. Instructors and students have access to various administrative tools and numerous resources for supporting teaching and learning, such as:

  • Course announcements
  • Uploading and downloading files
  • Online exam registration and grade book
  • Wiki, forums and chats
  • Course evaluations
  • Literature and reference management
  • Signing up for office hours
  • Digital support for teaching (assignments, tests, response system)
  • Lecture capture
  • Video conferences (Meeting, Adobe Connect)
  • WordPress
  • Courseware: Designing (independent study) course units

If you have questions about particular Stud.IP functions or are looking for ideas on how to supplement your course with digital media, please refer to the resources listed on this page or contact us for further information.

User guides for several Stud.IP tools are available in German.

Pedagogical use of digital media: e-Didactics blog

In addition to our regular info sessions, the e-Didactics blog is the place where you can get additional information and recommendations on how to integrate digital technology into your teaching. The blog also offers an overview of Stud.IP tools for group work.

Each month, e-Didactics organizes Lunchtime Meetings. Each meeting addresses different topics and tools for teaching with digital technology. These get-togethers are a chance for instructors to meet, exchange ideas and resources as well as to ask questions and get helpful information.

Visit the e-Didactics blog to see exact dates and times for Lunchtime Meetings and courses offered by Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.


If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a consultation session tailored to your specific needs, contact our team:

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