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Prof. Dr. Anja Bräuer

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 Dr. Beena Punnamoottil

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Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg 
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Main Research Areas and Research Alliances

Priority Research Areas and Research Groups

Research at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences is based on the interlinking of the science and clinical departments. The priority research areas of the divisions of these departments, namely Sensory Neuroscience, Hearing Research and Healthcare Research, contribute to a key focus of the University’s research and teaching: “Humans and Technology”.

The research is carried out within the framework of two Research Centres, as well as externally funded coordinated programmes.

The life sciences of the University of Oldenburg are positioned third in the latest DFG-Ranking in terms of successful DFG-funding per person (2014-2016), as well as in the one of (2011-2013).

Research Centres

Research Centre Neurosensory Science

How does our brain create an internal image of the world that surrounds us on the basis of the signals it receives from our sensory organs? To find answers to this question physicians, neurobiologists, psychophysicists, psychologists, acousticians, engineers, biochemists and neurogeneticists are all working together on an interdisciplinary basis. The focus of their research is the mechanisms that create the first sensory building blocks from the flood of sensory input – and the processes that use these building blocks to construct a sensory perception in the brain. The scientists are particularly interested in studying the interactions between various types of sensory input.

Neurosensory Science is one of eleven priority research areas at the University of Oldenburg. So far, 30 working groups have been established in this area, with the Neurosensory Science Research Centre functioning as the umbrella organisation. It pools the interdisciplinary activities of all the working groups and actively promotes collaboration with non-university institutions. The Centre’s scientists see the targeted support of early career researchers as one of their key tasks.

Executive Director
Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch

The Excellence Centre for Hearing Research

The Cluster of Excellence “Hearing4all” is literally dedicated to “hearing for all”. Through advanced, individualised hearing diagnostics and the use of personalised hearing aids the centre’s researchers aim to substantially improve the communication situation of patients with impaired hearing. The Excellence Centre for Hearing Research is the joint scientific umbrella organisation of the University of Oldenburg, the Hannover Medical School and the Leibniz Universität Hannover in this area of research, and runs the Hearing4all project.

The primary objective of the Excellence Centre is to support and coordinate the joint research between the universities at the internationally renowned and well-connected cluster locations of Oldenburg and Hannover. With its activities the Centre is helping to build up sustainable inter-university structures that combine basic, clinical and applied research.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Birger Kollmeier

Research Groups

Current research groups at the School of Medicine and Healthcare Sciences

Completed research networks of the School of Medicine and Healthcare Sciences

  • Sonderforschungsbereich/Transregio 31 Das aktive Gehör (DFG)
  • PhD Programme "Hearing" (MWK)
  • PhD Programme "Signals and Cognition" (MWK)
  • Verbundvorhaben Modellbasierte Hörgeräte: Entwicklung und Evaluation innovativer modellbasierter Techniken für technische Hörhilfen (BMBF)

  • Zentrum für Hörforschung (MWK)

Research groups in which the School of Medicine and Healthcare Sciences is involved




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