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Michaela Keck

Institute for English and American Studies
Literary and Cultural Studies

Michaela Keck

Research Interests: American literature and culture

  • American women's writing and aesthetics
  • visual culture and art history
  • transcendentalism and the American Renaissance
  • ecocritical studies and the environmental humanities
  • (classical) myth and its (feminist) reception
  • race/ethnicity and captivity narratives

Contact Information

Office: A6 2-212b (» Adresse und Lageplan)

WiSe 2022-23: Tuesday 16.00-18.00. Please register for the office hours via Stud.IP for one of the 15-minute slots. The office hours take place in my office and begin mid-October when classes commence as well.

Non-term consultation:  
Phone: +49 441 798 4570
Fax: +40 441 798 3771
Email: michaela.keck@uol.de
(Changed: 14 Sep 2022)