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Start: Winter semester 
Duration: 4 semesters (full-time)
Places: 25 per year
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Application deadline: 15 July 2021

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Molecular Biomedicine M.Sc.

Molecular Biomedicine M.Sc.

Dear students,
due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, most teaching in the summer term 2021 takes place online. However, some hands-on classes and lab work can be done in presence.

Please note that, due to this exceptional situation, you have to hand in a risk assessment form before starting your (external) Research Module or external Master's thesis. For further information on the university's regulations and latest announcements regarding the coronavirus pandemic, please click here.


The research orientated Master's degree programme in Molecular Biomedicine builds a bridge between patient-related/clinical and fundamental research. In this programme, students will examine the molecular and cellular aspects of biology in depth while taking specific account of medical facts and issues. Aim of the programme is to instil students with a strongly interdisciplinary approach to molecular biomedicine, enabling them to independently conduct both fundamental and clinical research. The Master's degree programme in Molecular Biomedicine therefore provides an excellent basis for a doctorate in the life sciences as well as for challenging fields of activity in science and industry.


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