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Dr. Dmitry Momotenko
Group Leader

+49 441 798 3644

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Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
School V – Mathematics and Science 
Institute of Chemistry
D-26111 Oldenburg

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Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Campus Wechloy
Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße 9-11
Building W3, Room W3-1-117, 1st floor
D-26129 Oldenburg




Welcome Simon!

We warmly welcome Simon Sprengel to the workgroup, who will do his PhD in high resolution multi-nozzle 3D-printing. 


Open position!

We have an opening for a PhD student. See the „Open positions” section for details!

Welcome Muhammad!

The working group warmly welcomes Muhammad Zerehi Zadeh and wishes him every success with his PhD!

New publication

With this new nanosensor based on a glass nanopipette functionalized with aptamers it is possible to measure neurotransmitters in a really low concentrations! This is a result of a collaborative work between the teams in Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

The article is available here:

New article published!

Our „Beginner's Guide to Micro- and Nanoscale Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing” is published in Annual Reviews of Analytical Chemistry and is Open Access!

The article is available here::


A new article in Einblicke about our work!

University of Oldenburg research magazine Einblicke (German for „Insights”) published an article about the work of our group. See details on page 18 here.

Welcome Weishan!

We warmly welcome Weishan Wu, who joined the Group as a PhD student!

Two new papers on expanding the materials for microscale 3D printing

Our group in close collaboration with ETH Zürich and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics have published two new articles on printing Ag and Ni microstructures, as well as Ni-Mn and Ni-Co alloys using FluidFM!


Our new article in Chemie Pharma Innovation

Dmitry Momotenko and Julian Hengsteler published a new article about 3D printing at the nanoscale!

The text is available from Swiss journal Chemie Pharma Innovation (in German only):

3D printing at nanoscale - now mentioned in popular blogs!

Popular designer and youtuber Artemii Lebedev is mentioning our work in high resolution 3D printing on his Youtube channel:

The group welcomes Karuna Kanes!

Karuna is joining the group to do his PhD in nanoscale 3D printing. Warm welcome and good luck!


Nordwest Zeitung mentions our research in nanoscale 3D printing

A new article in Nordwest Zeitung describes our recent contribution in bringing electrochemical 3D printing to  nanoscale dimensions.

3D printing with nanoscale resolution - now broadcasted on a radio!

Our paper "Bringing Electrochemical Three-Dimensional Printing to Nanoscale" (freely available here) is attracting enormous attention across internet in blogs, news and now - even on a radio! You can listen to the episode in German language on the program webpage (see Thema 3: „Nano 3d Drucker“ or scroll to 2 h:17 min of the recording).

Warm welcome to Liaisan!

We welcome Liaisan Khasanova to join our Team on nanoscale 3D printing of battery materials!

3D printing approaches atomic dimensions

Thanks to the UOL Press-center  an article about our recent work on 3D printing of metal with nanoscale resolution is now available across internet!

Our review is published!

Our new review on perspectives of electrochemical 3D printing is now available online (and is Open Access):

UNI-Info Interview

Ein Interview mit Dmitry Momotenko über unseren Forschungsschwerpunkt Nanoskalige additive manufacturing und 3D-Batterien ist in Uni-INFO veröffentlicht! (sehen Seite 5 hier). 

Our new paper on nanoscale 3D printing of metal is out!


Our new paper on printing metal structures with resolution of 25 nm is published (and is Open Access, so available to everyone)! This new technique allows an order of magnitude resolution improvement in printing electrical conductors - so much needed feature for the future electronics. 3D printed ETH logo at the nanoscale shows the powerful capacity of this new approach.

Dmitry Momotenko's interview on TV


TV "Vektor" located in Gubkinsky, Russia, has put together a series of interviews "Our people" with famous residents of the town, especially those who made contributions to arts&sciences. The show is made for the 35th anniversary of the town's history.

Dmitry Momotenko, who grew up in Gubkinsky, is taking part in the show and talks about how he grew up in the town, got interested in chemistry and how his life brought him into science. 

[currently available only in Russian]


Early Career Analytical Electrochemistry Prize of ISE Division 1 in 2021 is awarded to Dmitry Momotenko


Dmitry Momotenko receives the Early Career Analytical Electrochemistry Prize of ISE Division 1 from the International Society of Electrochemistry! Dmitry says this award is the result of intense work and collaboration of many people, all sharing a contribution to this success. He thanks the International Society of Electrochemistry for this award and looks forward to future success of the group in electrochemical research!

We are hiring!


We are hiring a PhD student, see the Open positions section!

A newspaper article on our ERC project


Nordwest Zeitung ( has published a short article about our ERC-funded project on 3D nanoprinting of batteries. The full text is also available on the University webpage (

Momotenko Research Group is now in Oldenburg!


Dr. Dmitry Momotenko has joined the University of Oldenburg. His new group will work on nanoscale 3D printing of batteries, a new unique technology to make a breakthrough in electrochemical energy storage. The project is supported by the ERC Starting Grant program (

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