Outgoing Research Visits

NameHost UniversityTravel PeriodTopic - Experience Report 
Marijn van DoorenTechnical University of Denmark (DTU)April-June 2015Spinner - based LiDAR technology for inflow measurements of wind turbines
Alexander KiesAarhus UniversityApril-May 2015Modelling of the European Power system
Marita BlankKTH Stockholm, SchwedenMay-July 2015Energy Informatics – Reliability Assessment of Coalitions for the Provision of Ancillary Services
Gerrit KampersPortland State UniversityJune 2015Stochastic analysis of aerodynamic forces acting on a self-adapttive camber airfoil in turbulent inflow
Mehdi ValiDelft University of TechnologyJuly-Sept 2015

Control-oriented wind farm modeling

Anna MehrensTechnical University of Denmark (DTU)Aug-Nov 2015

Correlation and coherence of mesoscale wind fields over the sea

Dominik TraphanPortland State UniversityOct 2015Rotor blade aerodynamics of wind turbines
Bastian DoseUniversity of Maryland, USAOct-Nov 2015Fluid-structure coupling for wind turbine aerodynamics
Lukas VollmerUniversity of ColoradoOct-Dec 2015Influence of the atmospheric boundary layer on wind farm control
Matthias WächterÉcole des Ponts ParisTechNov 2015Scientific cooperation
Saustin DongmoInstitute of Physical Chemistry,  Polish Academy of Sciences, WarszawaNov 2015

Quinone films for organic active materials in batteries

Christina HeßelingMonash University, AustraliaNov-Jan 2016Usage of Digital Holographic Particle Image Velocimetry for the Measurement of Fluid Flows in Turbulence Research

Incoming Research Visits

NameHome UniversityTravel PeriodTopic - Experience Report
Mario FaschangVienna University of TechnologyJan-March 2015Rapid Control Prototyping for Actively Operated Networked Smart Grid Systems
Benedek NagyMTA "Lendület"
Ultrafast Nanooptics Group/University of Pécs - Ungarn
Jan-March 2015Ultrafast photoemission of mettalic nanoparticles
Teresa ScholzUniversidade de LisboaMay-June 2015

Parameter-free resolution of the superposition of stochastic signals

Amin EbrahiminejadUniversity of Victoria, CanadaJune-Aug 2015

Experimental and numerical methods on wallbounded turbulent flows

Paulo RochaFaculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa(ULISBOA)June 2015Stochastic evolution of non-stationary time series
Ting Tsung ChangNational Cheng Kung Unversity, TaiwanJuly 2015Wind Energy
Yashwant KashyapIndian Institute of Technology Mandi, India Oct-Dec 2015Solar Radiation Variability and Forecasting
Fuko OkayamaKobe University (Japan), Graduate School of Maritime SciencesNov 2015

Comparing the accuracy of WRF simulation in Baltic Sea and in Japanese coastal waters using in-situ data of low height

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