Outgoing Research Visits

NameHost UniversityTravel PeriodTopic - Experience Report
Hans Holtorf United International University, Dhaka January 2016 Rural Energy Supply in Developing Countries
Alexander Neumüller SERIS Institute at National University of Singapore January-March 2016

Interface characteristics of heterojunction solar cells with absorbers bellow 70 μm

Robert Ungurán University of Colorado, USA March-May 2016

Blade mounted LiDAR based feedback-feedforward individual pitch and trailing edge flap control of wind turbines

Hamid Rahimi ECN Petten, NL April-June 2016 Validation of Yaw correction models
Carsten MatkeColumbia University, New York, USAApril-June 2016Modeling and Solving Battery Operation Problems
Katharina Al-ShameryHarvard University, Radcliffe July 2016Materials Science for Renewable Energies
Ghazaleh Molla Ahmadi DehaghiWyoming University, USAAugust 2016

Stochastic-based Turbulence Modeling in CFD to improve the accuracy of Site Assessment

Matthias KalverkampUniversity of Waterloo, CanadaAug-Nov 2016Marketing the Cycle: Supply Markets and Supplier Relations in Automotive Remanufacturing; Marketing Systems, LCA and MFA
Andreas RottTU Delft, NetherlandsSept-Dec 2016Model-based windfarm optimization
Nadine Tchamba YimgaVrje Universiteit AmsterdamOct-Nov 2016Investigation of the structure-function relationships in conjugated small molecules liquid crystal dyes, for their application in organic electronic
Bruno SchyskaTechnical University of DenmarkOct-Dec 2016Optimal Design of a European Power System with Very High Shares of Renewables

Incoming Research Visits

NameHome UniversityTravel PeriodTopic - Experience Report
Jinsheng XiaoWuhan University of TechnologyJanuary 2016

Part reuse and material recovery of new energy vehicles in China

Claudio David LópezUniversity of Technology, DelftMarch 2016Mosaik for scalability testing of dynamic power system co-simulations
Arun JosephUniversity of Technology, DelftMarch 2016Real Time Co-Simulation Capabilities of Mosaik
Kaikai PanUniversity of Technology, DelftMarch 2016

Co-simulation of intelligent power grids and cyber-security test

Ned DjilaliUniversity of Victoria, CanadaApril 2016Fuel Cell Technology
Benedek NagyMTA "Lendület"
Ultrafast Nanooptics Group/University of Pécs - Ungarn
April-May 2016Ultrafast photoelectron emission / Physics
Marc SecanellUniversity of Alberta, CanadaMay 2016

Polymer electrolyte fuel cell characterization, testing and numerical analysis

Federico González MadinaUniversidad de la República (UdelaR)May-Aug 2016

CFD, VAWT design

Jeric LimAteneo de Manila University, PhilippinesMay-Aug 2016

Photoluminescence investigation of thin film solar cells

Hector ZamoraUniversity of Castilla-La ManchaMay-Aug 2016
Ioannis PashalidisUniversity of CyprusJune 2016Biochar Characterization
Thorsten WuestWest Virginia UniversityJune 2016Smart Manufacturing and Energy Usage
Olav KrauseUniversity of Queensland, AustraliaJuly 2016

Power System State Estimation under Measurement Scarcity

Edvin FakoUniversity of BelgradeJuly-Aug 2016Nanoporous gold as a model electrocatlyst
Aleksandar JovanovicUniversity of BelgradeJuly-Aug 2016Materials science/Electrocatalysis
Seung Joon YangUniversity of Maryland, USASept-Oct 2016Wind Energy - CFD
Taskin JamalMurdoch University, AustraliaSept-Nov 2016An Innovative Control Approach to Improve PV Integration into Remote Electricity Networks
Brendan BradyUniversity of Victoria, CanadaSept-Dec 2016

Nanostructured a-Ge:H Optical Cavity Solar Cells

Bilal BabarUniversity of Tromsø, The Arctic University of NorwayOct 2016 -Jan 2017Using Heliosat method for high latitude solar radiation estimation
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