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What subject matter do I need to be familiar with for the programme?

Please check "Application" => "Prerequisites the student should bring along for the Master Programme SuRE"

What kind of degree do I need?

You need at least a Bachelor's Degree with a grade in the Second Upper Division or comparable degree with 180 credit points and/or at least 3 years of studying.

I already have a master's degree. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply for SuRE with a master's degree.

Therefore, please upload both your bachelor's as well as master's degree certificates along with the transcripts to your application file.

I haven't finished my degree yet. Can I still apply?

You can for the regular deadline, but you need all transcript of records you can present to us so far and also a confirmation that your studies will be finished by the time our course starts. You also need to clarify when that will be. An expected grade or current CGPA is also important.

Please be aware that you need 2 years of professional experience for a DAAD scholarship, though, so please just apply for the regular deadline if you are still in college.

Do I need work experience to apply?

In order to be eligible for a DAAD scholarship, you need 2 years of work experience. For the regular deadline, it is not a must but certainly a plus. Of course, the energy and rural development sectors are most relevant. Internships or final projects from your previous studies also count.

What work experience is relevant?

Of course, work experience in the energy (and, here, especially RE) or rural development sector is most relevant. Anything related to it might also be of interest. We are aware that, in some countries, work experience in the renewable energy sector is very hard to come by.


Do I have to pay the processing fee of uni-assist?

Yes, uni-assist is not directly linked to the University Oldenburg. Therefore, it is not possible to make exceptions regarding the processing fee.

I cannot find the SuRE program in uni-assist. What can I do?

The program can be found on the website "my uni-assist". In order to find the SuRE program make sure that within search criteria "Winter Semester 2022/23" is not selected (instead you can select "Winter Semester 2023/24"). It can also help if you select as University "Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg".

Scholarships and Fees

I need a scholarship for the SuRE. Does the University of Oldenburg offer any?

The University of Oldenburg does not offer scholarships or financial assistance. However, we have a list of scholarships that our alumni were awared under Scholarships and Links.

I would like to apply for a DAAD scholarship. When and how should I apply?

Starting 2021, all applicants have to apply online via uni-assist. This means that, if you are applying for a DAAD scholarship, you also need to upload all documents we ask for on uni-assist, including the DAAD application form you can find here. If this form is missing, you will have to be disqualified, unfortunately, since it is just as important as the other documents we ask for.

Before the application process

How can I apply?

Please apply online on the website of uni-assist – the application button will be available as from August 15.

The system is up within the application phase, i.e. August 15 - January 15 only.

I would like to apply both for the DAAD and regular round - how do I do that?

First, you apply as a DAAD applicant. This is also what you check in your online application. You do not have to hand in a financial statement at this stage.

If you were not chosen as a DAAD applicant, you will be notified. You will then have the chance to be considered for SuRE as self-financing applicant by sending a financial statement.

Afterwards, you will soon get feedback about the outcome of that second round. This is enough time to hand in a letter of acceptance to other scholarship donors or apply for an educational loan.

Since the DAAD round is the more competitive round, this is a valid option to get into SuRE.

During the application process

Do I have to send you documents by post mail, too?

No - you only need to apply online and upload your documents to the online application system. We do not accept paper applications.

Do you I need to upload separate documents for SuRE and DAAD?

No, you don't.

If you want to apply for a DAAD scholarship (deadline Oct. 15), just upload the required documents (1-7) by SuRE plus the DAAD application form (9) to your application file.

If your application file contains the DAAD application form in addition to the other required documents by SuRE, your application will automatically be considered for the scholarship's assessment.

I cannot provide a letter of recommendation from my current employer because I might jeopardize my job…

You should definitely hand in the letter of recommendation for a realistic chance of being selected, but you can choose other people with sufficient insight into your professional skills. The committee needs a detailed impression of your qualifications in order for you to be selected for the programme.

If you want to show us that you work in a certain company without their knowing, just send us a copy of your work contract.

I need a letter of acceptance from you in order to apply for a scholarship (other than DAAD scholarship programme for developing countries).

We cannot issue letters of acceptance before the actual selection process. Scholarship donors usually do not need the letters of acceptance before we issue them, so you can apply for these and hand in the letter later. The earliest deadlines usually are in the middle of March and we can meet these.

If you need a letter of acceptance for a scholarship programme in December/early January - and only then - please apply for the DAAD deadline and write an email to  so that we put you on the list.

I need proof of personal correspondence with you to apply for a DAAD scholarship.

Actually you do not, but if your local DAAD representative really refuses your application for that matter, just write to  and take our answer - which will be brief - as proof of correspondence. This has always worked in the past.
At the same time, we can assure you that PPRE does NOT need this item in the list of documents and we do regard it as completely irrelevant for your application.

Required documents

Do I need notarised translations?

We do need official translations from languages other than German or English, either by an official translator or German consulate/embassy as opposed to yourself.

I'm missing a document for the application/ my English test date is too late for the result/whole application to arrive in time.

If it's a single document, you can send an e-mail to  with the missing document and your application number, but always at your own risk. If it's more documents than that, your application will not make a good impression. In any case, please make sure you comment on the missing document in the online application process and explain when you will be able to supply it. Please also keep in mind that the later your missing document arrives, the more likely it is to be recorded as missing. If you hand anything in after the deadline it will be at your own risk.

As a general rule, it is always better to upload an incomplete set of documents than nothing at all! Applications with no documents are disqualified immediately after the deadline!

As for the missing English test result, you can also hand it in later via email, but not after the assessment of your application. Please remark upon the missing test result if you have to hand it in late. If you can provide a PDF print of your online result, this is better than nothing.

What kind of document is a financial statement?

This is a statement from you or your sponsor (family, employer) which clarifies your funding - you simply explain to us which scholarships you are going to apply for, which other sponsor you have or that you will apply for an educational loan. You need about 25.000 Euros total for your stay with us: ~20.700 Euros (24 months x 861 Euros) will be needed for living and housing, plus tuition fees have to be paid, which are 1000 Euros per term, i.e. 4000 Euros for the whole programme. You can also send us a bank statement saying that you have enough savings (or your sponsor, respectively). If a member of your family serves as sponsor, an affidavit of support by him or her is appreciated. It is necessary to show that your funding is taken care of in order for you to receive a visa once you are admitted to our programme. The financial statement is compulsory for all non-DAAD applicants; its absence will lead to disqualification.

How do I hand in letters of recommendation? What format do they need to be in?

As we need everyone's documents to be uploaded in the process of using our online application system, we need scans of your letters. This means that you are allowed to open those letters yourself, even if you may have to break a seal.

We do not have a template for the format, but the letter needs to be on official company letterhead, signed and stamped.

Your referee can also send the letter by email from his or her company email account. Public providers like gmail are not acceptable. The email address for this is .

You may address the recommendation letters to: Mr. Edu Knagge

Do I need to write a research proposal in addition to the motivation letter?

If you are a DAAD applicant, and you are applying for more than one postgraduate course - maximum 3 courses - you have to submit one letter of motivation explaining why you are applying for these specific courses and why you chose that priority.

If you are a self-sponsored applicant it is not a must, but definitely a plus.

The research proposal can be handed in as part of your motivation so that the maximum for the whole document is 1 page.

I got my degree in an English-speaking country. Do I still need proof of English language proficiency?

No, you don't.

My studies were conducted in English language.

If the medium of instruction at your college was 100% English, you can simply hand in a confirmation of this as a substitute for the English language proficiency test.

Which TOEFL score do I need to apply?

You need a score 550 in the paper-based test, 213 in the computer-based and 80 in the internet version of TOEFL.

What is your TOEFL code number?

Our TOEFL code number is 4924 but, for application to our programme, you have to (!) upload a scan of your copy. Still, this group of applicants also needs to upload an electronic version of their English test result (if you are not a native speaker of English).

Which other certificates of English proficiency do you accept?

IELTS level 6 (Academic Version - the General Training is not acceptable) and Cambridge Certificate Level C1.

I do not speak German/ I only speak little German.

This is not relevant for the application process. Classes are in English, but there are preparatory German language courses for you to manage your everyday life.

After the application process

When will I know if I was chosen for the programme?

If you applied for a DAAD scholarship (deadline 15 October) you will know by the end of January, and if you applied to the January 15 deadline you will know by April at the latest.

If you were told that you are on a waiting list, you could be admitted anytime between early July and September, depending on the time when the regular candidates inform us that they will not take part in the programme.

I would like to know why I was not chosen.

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to give individual feedback since we receive hundreds of applications each year. You can only check for yourself if you uploaded all required documents, graduated at least with a grade in the Second Upper division (in fact, most of our students have first class degrees) or if you have work experience in the energy and rural development sector, also to make up for average grades or for a subject that is not closely connected to our programme. Finally, your motivation letter is very important, too.

What are the chances of getting a job with a specialization in renewable energy?

At the moment, they are excellent. There are a large number of jobs on all continents and our alumni are well sought-after.

What are the chances of working during my studies with SuRE?

The probability of getting paid during your Master's thesis is high, and there is even a small chance of getting paid during your 2-month internship between the first and second semester. If you manage to get a work contract originating from this internship, there is a small chance of having a job during your second semester, although you really should keep the workload in mind - working during the semester is not recommended for that reason. In any case, the prospect of earning money during these projects cannot serve as a basis for your financial statement.

Generally, if you absolutely want to work during the semester, you might face problems with the language barrier, and there generally are no student jobs in SuRE. What you can do for a chance on the job market is study German *very* hard once you're accepted (which is also highly recommended if you are planning on finding a job in Germany after SuRE), but please, do not rely on earning money in Oldenburg.

(Changed: 2022-04-20)