Study programme

Study programme

Welcome to the website of the Research Master's programme Neurocognitive Psychology!

We offer a comprehensive two-year programme in cognitive psychology and neuroscience with lots of hands-on laboratory experience. Therefore, our progamme cannot be studied online.

Welcome new students of 2021/22! Please find the information package here (updated 9.9.21).

Find module videos/ recorded introductory session under 'Course Overview' after login! Sign up for individual counselling sessions on October 18 (see events)

Dear students,

All classes with more than 25 participants (teachers included) can only be attended if you prove that you are fully vaccinated, recovered from covid or negatively tested on the day of the class (3G rule). You will have to prove this at central registration points of the university, NOT to the teachers.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, for external practical projects, theses and internships you have to ask the institution for its hygiene concept and keep this for your own documentation! You do NOT have to hand in the risk assessment form any longer.



(Changed: 2021-10-20)