Student Body Neurocognitive Psychology

Current Study Body Communicators:
Lena Kuczka
Manik Esche (substitute)

meetings usually in A7 0-036 (currently paused due to pandemic)

Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118
26111 Oldenburg

Student Body

Student Body

Orientation week 2021 for new students

Dear Students,

getting to know your fellow students in person will again be more difficult than usual this year.

But we still want you to meet your fellow students, see the Uni, the Mensa, crack some cold drinks and get to know Oldenburg a little!

There will be two things happening between the 11th and the 15th of October: 

1. The Orientation week. 

There will be some introductory meetings, flunkyball, grill and chill, that kinda stuff. We will create a schedule and update you on what is happening when and where through this website and your fb/whatsapp group (the link to the group is provided later in this text). For the official student body introduction on Friday, October 15, please register with the registration form that is provided on the main programme page.

2. Mentor Groups / Teams

Some of the older students will offer activities which you can join. Those are the Mentor Groups/Teams (the name might be a bit off, but bare with us). Click here to see a short personal introduction of our mentors and their interests:

Mentor Introduction

You can join one or several groups and their activities. It is not a long term arrangement, but there might be some spin offs happening after the first meeting… who knows…

If you want to join these groups, sign up for those actions, so we can plan stuff according to the number of people showing up. Sign up = show up ;) 

You can find a short description of our planned activites here:  

Activity Description

How can you sign up for the groups? 

Just put your information into the excel sheet (add your mail and number -> corona stuff) and join the respective WhatsApp group listed in the document:

Your next steps for the orientation week: Relax and drink some tea, the orientation week is only going to happen in October, 11th until 15th!

If you are wondering what else you can do: you might want to check facebook. There is a group which is called ‘Neurocognitive Psychology Oldenburg 2021’. Join the fb group and stay updated on what is happening where. There is also a link to a whatsapp group there, so go and have a look if you want to stay in the loop. ->

If you have any further questions, this is how you can get help: 

  1. The whatsapp group of your year - maybe someone else solved the problem already? 
  2. Email us, we might be able to help you.
  3. No solution yet? Email Kerstin. She is our angel at neurocog psy who knows almost everything and will help you out if she can. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out! We all know how it is to be new and to be bombarded with 1000 different infos within a few weeks ;)

Dear fellow students,

Welcome to the page of the Neurocognitive Psychology Student Body.

Who are we?

We are a group of students who represent the Neurocognitive Psychology students in different boards and meetings. We also want to promote the exchange between students by organizing different activities.

What do we do?

  • represent the Neurocognitive Psychology Students in boards and meetings in the department and the faculty
  • actively take part in changing and improving our master’s program
  • biweekly meetings where we discuss current changes in the program or other issues that come up
  • organize an annual Christmas Party
  • organize an annual Summer Barbecue
  • help organize the Neuroscience Career Day
  • prepare the Orientation week in October where we tell our new students about the campus, the modules and give them some first programming experience
  • organize the Freshie Trip (a weekend together at a farm where we cook, play games and get to know each other)
  • organize the Neurocognitive Psychology Regulars table, where we can chat about our experiences in the master’s program and get in contact with people from different semesters


If you have any questions regarding the program or suggestions, please contact us!

If you would like to join the Student Body just come to one of our meetings. For more information and dates please refer to the Student Body Community Group on Stud IP.

(Changed: 2021-09-29)