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System accreditation

System accreditation

The university is currently preparing for system accreditation.

With the University's decision to switch from programme accreditation to system accreditation, the establishment of a quality management system for the area of study and teaching has begun in 2019.

Detailed information on the difference between programme and system accreditation, the process of conversion as well as the timetable of the "System Accreditation Project" can be found on the websites of the Department of Studies and Teaching.

In 2021, the annual programme conferences, which are central to quality management, will take place for the first time. The aim of the programme conference is to take a look at subject-related, didactic, curricular and structural criteria in order to identify development needs and to agree on corresponding recommendations for action.

The following are involved

  • The professor responsible for the programme,
  • Lecturers (at least 1 lecturer and 1 member of the academic staff),
  • students (at least 1),
  • if necessary, other persons as required

The results of the programme conference are documented in a report sheet. In the first meeting, the so-called master data sheet is also jointly prepared, in which, among other things, the extent to which the degree programme is reflected in the mission statement for teaching, which the university has adopted in 2019, is recorded. You can find a procedural description of the programme conference here.

If you are enrolled in the degree programme under consideration or if you work as a university lecturer or research assistant in teaching, you are cordially invited to participate in the respective degree programme conference. You can find a schedule for the programme conferences here. Simply register at , indicating the programme conference you would like to attend. We will then contact you so that you have access to all the necessary documents.

The school II has founded a working group for those interested in system accreditation, in which all status groups participate, which meets several times a year as needed and discusses current developments in the procedure. If you are interested in participating, please let us know at .

We look forward to your interest and participation!

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