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Research Group Cascade Use
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ICCCE 2018

ICCCE 2018

After five years of funding by the FONA research programme from the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the research group "Cascade Use" invited to their final conference ICCCE 2018- International Conference on Cascade Use and Circular Economy.  The conference took place in Oldenburg, Germany, on September 24th and 25th , 2018, to discuss relevant topics on resource management and the related CO2 emission reduction. Around 60scientists from Germany, China, Canada and USA as well as interested students from the University of Oldenburg attended the ICCCE 2018. It was organised by Cascade Use, under the lead of Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Pehlken, supported by the Co-Hosts Shanghai Jiao Tong University - SJTU (Prof. Chen Ming) and the AARTI – Alliance of Automotive Recovery Technology Innovation. It follows a joint conference between SJTU and the University of Oldenburg last year in Shanghai: The first International Symposium on Cascade Use of Automotive Parts 2017.

Complementary to the ICCCE 2018 the conference book “Cascade Use in Technologies 2018” was published by Springer. The book is double peer reviewed and edited by Alexandra Pehlken, Matthias Kalverkamp and Rikka Wittstock. All seventeen included contributions were presented in the six sessions on the two days of the conference.

Thanks to all participants, authors and the BMBF for the co-funding, the ICCCE 2018 conference was a real success.

All presenations are available on the conference website

You can download a short summary of the two day conference in Oldenburg, Germany (PDF, 792kB).

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