FIB lamella preparation

Nowadays Focus ion beam (FIB) is broadly used for preparation of TEM lamella samples [1,2] .

University of Oldenburg offers a possibility to prepare FIB lamella samples in Helios NanoLab 600i  (FEI/ThermoFisher) microscope.

An example of FIB lamella preparation: video


[1] L.A. Giannuzzi, F.A. Stevie. A review of focused ion beam milling techniques for TEM specimen preparation. Micron, 30 (1999), pp. 197-204, 10.1016/s0968-4328(99)00005-0.

[2] Chen Li, Gerlinde Habler, Lisa C.Baldwin,  Rainer Abart. An improved FIB sample preparation technique for site-specific plan-view specimens: A new cutting geometry.  Ultramicroscopy 184 (2018) 310–317.

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