Scientific Director

Technical Directors

Dr. Vita Solovyeva



W4 0-127/128

Scanning electron microscopy

Hitachi S-3200N scanning electron microscope


SE Detector

BSE (Robinson) detector

EDX system: Oxford INCA system with PentaFET Precision INCA X-act

Low-temperature system: Oxford-Cryochamber-/Transfersystem CTS1500C

Low-vacuum  (1 - 270 Pa)

Photography and documentation:  digitalized (TIFF- , JPG-formatted)

Advantages of low-temperature and low-vacuum scanning electron microscopy

Low-temperature and low-vacuum scanning electron microscopy are fast and almost-free-of-artefacts preparation techniques well suited for samples which cannot easily be prepared and documented by conventional preparation methods (e.g. wet or oily samples, waxes, labile samples, instabile sediments). The Robison (BSE) detector allows the visualization of contrast of different materials within a sample. The contrast of material results from elements with different densities and is finally shown in form of different grey scale values. Elements of higher atomic number appear brighter, those of lower atomic number more dark. 

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