For questions regarding the Longitudinal Research Curriculum:

Advisor for the promotion of early career researchers in medicine

Dr. Monika Frenzel-Herrmann

+49 (0)441 798-4859

n. V.

Longitudinal Research Curriculum

Medical students are encouraged to engage with research within the framework of the Longitudinal Research Curriculum (LFC). From the start of their studies to graduation, students gain an insight into research and learn about scientific methods.

Dr. Verena Uslar

Postdoc in the Department of General and Visceral Surgery and mentor for the LFC.

"The curiosity about research, the enthusiasm for research, is something you have to develop and I think the LFC is particularly well suited to that."

Johannes Stalter

Graduate of the Oldenburg Medical School and fellow in the Joint MD/PhD programme.

"Through the LFC, I was able to try out different areas, both in terms of subject and methodology [...]. Over time, this has encouraged me to pursue a career in research after graduation."

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