Coordinator Voluntary Scientific Year

Nadine Brandt

+ 49 (0) 441 798-5005

JJW 2-216

Voluntary Scientific Year

Young people are given the opportunity to learn about research, gain their first professional experience and gain insight into university life during the "Voluntary Scientific Year" (Freiwilliges Wissenschaftliches Jahr, FWJ) at the University of Oldenburg. In this way, the FWJ introduces young people to science at an early stage and aims to inspire enthusiasm for research. In order to make it easier for potential first-time academics to gain access to higher education, the UMO funds positions within the FWJ programme.

The interviews were conducted in German. For more information, please visit the German website. A translation will be available shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

(Changed: 30 Sep 2022)