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Promotion of Early Career Researchers and International Team

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Academic Procedures Team

Graduate Academy and Graduate School

Qualification offers

In order to support young researchers in their development in the best possible way, the university offers a wide range of subject-specific and interdisciplinary qualification courses and workshops.

Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy (GA) offers all doctoral candidates and postdocs a range of interdisciplinary training opportunities.

The event dates of the GA are currently being integrated in the calendar below, so if you are interested, you should preferably check the dates directly on the GA website.


The OLTECH Graduate School of Science, Medicine and Technology (OLTECH) offers its members mainly subject-related courses.

You can view the announcements of OLTECH events on the OLTECH Graduate School website. As an OLTECH member, you will also receive a regular newsletter announcing new course dates.

OLTECH members can also apply for courses of the Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities (3GO). However, they are initially placed on the waiting list and may be offered remaining spots on short notice

Courses offered by School VI

The School VI of Medicine and Health Sciences offers a number of courses within its degree programmes that are also open to enrolled early career researchers, e.g. the offers of the „Research and Science” pillar of the „Professional Development” workshop programme of the Human Medicine model degree programme.

The course dates of School VI are shown in the calendar below.


Coaching and mentoring

Beyond individual courses, structured mentoring and coaching programmes are offered. Information on upcoming programmes can be found on the pages of the OLTECH Graduate School of Science, Medicine and Technology and the Graduate Academy.

Research colloquia

Participation in research colloquia is expected in certain structured doctoral programmes. The best way to find out which ones are suitable for you is to discuss this with your supervisor. Information on open research colloquia and scientific events, as well as on other resources and the school's research infrastructure can be found on the school’s „Research” webpages.


The Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Medical Didactics units offer support to doctoral students and postdocs who are interested in teaching.

You can't find what you are looking for?

Subject-specific courses can be attended by enrolled doctoral students throughout the university. You can find out about courses relevant for you by talking with your supervisor or colleagues, but also via Stud.IP

The Promotion of Early Career Researchers and International Affairs Team will also be happy to answer any questions you may have!

In the following calendar, you can find the current qualification offers of the „Research and Medicine” pillar of the workshop programme „Professional Development” of the Human Medicine model study programme, Medical Didactics and (currently only part of) the offers of the Graduate Academy. The calendar is updated continuously, but for the time being, you will find all dates of the GA and the courses of OLTECH under the sources mentioned above.

You have the option of sorting the dates by target groups, among other things. To do so, click on the programme that applies to you.


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