Fakultät IV - Human- und Gesellschafts­wissenschaften

Career & professional activities

Career and Professional Activities

The Master „Sports and Lifestyle“ is research oriented and related to the occupational field. It is characterized by the interweaving of practical, empirical and theoretical disciplinary reflections. Students are qualified for interdisciplinary research and concept development that in view of the increasing importance of sport as a leisure activity as well as cultural, educational and health-policy tool not only for students of sports science, but also in related disciplines (sociology, cultural studies, pedagogy, history, psychology, political science, medicine, biology, health and nutrition sciences) will become more attractive and more important. The relation to theory and research in the degree programme equips its graduates with skills and qualifications of social science research methods, scientific empiricism and medical training of scientific diagnosis and advice that clearly distinguishes them from graduates of courses or training that are based on comparable occupations (physical and occupational therapists, sport and fitness instructors, health managers, etc.). Main qualifier is their ability to theory-and research-based conception of target oriented sports and exercise programmes in various sports and health facilities (rehabilitation hospitals, health and fitness clubs, big clubs, etc.) that are implemented by the graduates of adjacent trainings into practice. Finally, the qualifications are part of the research-based target group construction on one hand and, on the social sciences and bio-medical evidence linking concept of sports and exercise programmes for so far ‘non- sports' groups on the other. Possible fields of activity are:

  • Research (universities, institutes)
  • Advice (such as politics, schools, health insurance funds, sports associations, public authorities)
  • Design (for example in organisations and sports institutions, prevention, integration, youth work

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