Registering for a PhD

Advisory services for international doctoral candidates

Please be aware of the application deadlines for your chosen degree programme. The University of Oldenburg must receive a complete application from you by 12 midnight of the last day of the applicable deadline. The date of the postmark will not be taken into account.

Please observe the possibilities for submitting documents within the deadline!

Registering for a PhD

Thank you very much for your interest
in doctoral studies at the University of Oldenburg.

Please note that the application procedure for winter semester 2021/2022 has expired. Therefore the online application is not anymore possible.

Registration for the summer semester 2022

Structured Doctoral Programmes

Get an overview of the Structured Doctoral Programmes, information on admissions regulations, and contact details. Admission to the Graduate School is a prerequisite for enrolment for the following Structured Doctoral Programmes:

Enrolment into them is always as a dual degree programme (Structured Doctoral Programme as the 2nd degree programme) together with a doctoral subject (as 1st degree programme). Admission must be granted to the doctoral subject by the doctorate committee concerned.

Online applications for the summer semester 2022 open on 15th December 2021 at this place.

Doctoral subjects

If you wish to apply for an Individual Doctorate in a doctoral subject, you must first apply to the doctorate committee for admission as a doctoral candidate for the subject you are interested in. Please contact the faculty administration office about this.

You should submit your enrolment application as soon as possible following admission by the doctorate committee.

(Changed: 2021-10-13)